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Issues 6 – 10 (77 A4 pages):


Contents of Geomantica Issue 6
Summer Solstice, December 22nd 1999

Page 2 Editorial – on the eve of year 2000.
Page 3 Pendulums and Gardening – a talk by Anne Miller, Western Australia. Includes problem solving, imparting of intentions to the devic world via crystals and radionic diagrams (with a graphic). The Glowing Cross – press clipping about the history of a glowing cross in an abandoned North Lismore (NSW) graveyard, thought by some to be miraculous.

Page 4 Becoming a Custodian in a New Place by geomancer Steven Guth, Canberra. Steven moves to his new mountain top rural property, muses on it’s Earth energies, weeds and horses and whether the spreading of biodynamic 500 was appropriate.
Page 6 Feedback from the 1st Issue of Geomantica – feng shui master Roseline Deleu checks out a geomantically positive house.
Page 7 Voices of the First Day – awakening in the Aboriginal Dreamtime by Robert Lawlor. Book review by Alanna Moore of this classic tome. Pagan Happenings.
Page 8 The Channon EcoStay – a permaculture farm with Towers of Power by Alanna Moore, featuring her own property in northern NSW.

Page 11 Our World of Vibrations, part 6, by Roseline Deleu – On de-cluttering and moving house strategies.
Page 12 Geomancy and Power Towers – workshops with Alanna Moore.

Page 13 Walking the Sacred Path of the Labyrinth by Junitta Vallak. There are several labyrinths at Casurina.

Page 14 Landscape Temples by Junitta Vallak. A visit to Tower Hill, a sacred volcanic landscape in Victoria.

Page 15 Casurina Healing Sanctuary by Junitta Vallak. A centre for Earth and people healing, including inspiration from native American visionary Beautiful Painted Arrow, who promotes the building of sacred Kivas, Sound/Peace Chambers.

Contents of Geomantica Issue 7
Autumn equinox, March 2000

Page 18 Editorial – We are in for wild weather events; intuitive planning for crops.
Page 19 CERES Environmental Park – by Alanna Moore. A showcase of sustainable living in Melbourne and how a Power Tower workshop went. (You can still visit the Power Tower under the gigantic power lines there in 2013!).
Page 20 Exclusive interview with Tom Graves – by Alanna Moore. An internationally acclaimed dowser and author talks about his life and doesn’t shy away from exposing unethical geomancy and some of the anomalies found in the practice of modern feng shui.

Page 22 The Labyrinth – a quest for skill, a quest for awareness, by Tom Graves. The labyrinth is connected to the human chakra system, it’s walking takes us on a journey to self. Tom gives us a key to make the most of it.
Page 23 PAN – ‘Philosophy, Activism and Nature’, a new journal, from Macquarie University.
Page 24 On Mazes by Alexis Eggin, aged 8.
Page 25 Letter – Plight of the Kangaroos.

Page 25 Evolution of a Suburban Sacred Site – an interview with spirit, by Alanna Moore. Barbara Galloway learns that she has a powerful Earth vortex in her home and together with Alanna they explore the inner dimensions of the space, that acts as a portal for spirits, and Barbara receives insights about sacred sites, including how healers can utilise their energies.
Page 26 Borneo’s Burning, poem by Alanna Moore.

Page 27 Our World of Vibrations – part 7, by feng shui master Roseline Deleu. The nine basic cures of feng shui, plus a focus on the minor cures of using aromas and art works to achieve household harmony. Photos of Fu dog and a dragon at Bendigo’s Dragon Museum of the Chinese community.

Page 29 Tales of an Urban Geomancer by Alanna Moore. Interview with Paula Polsen in Melbourne. ‘Ghost busting’ is a speciality in her wholistic space healing practice. Paula also shares a successful exercise in enhancing plant growth, where she followed the request of some lettuce seedlings.

Page 31 Experiments with Mini Power Towers, by Bill Nicholson, Victoria. More plant growth enhancement when Bill tries out the classic experiment with radish seeds grown in pots at points around a mini Power Tower, and compares growth with radishes in control pots. He gave a talk about it to his organic grower’s group in Geelong that was well received.

Contents of Geomantica Issue 8
Winter Solstice, June 2000.

Page 34 Editorial – A move to Victoria in the year of the Golden Dragon.
Page 35 Beware of the Fairies! – book review of ‘Irish Fairy Tales’.
Page 36 Who are the Druids? Native spirituality in the UK, information from the British Druid Order.
Page 37 Kevin Masman – Feng Shui Consultant, an interview by Alanna Moore. Kevin talks about his approach to site divination: the ‘omphalos point’. Dealing with desecrated sacred sites and massacre sites.

Page 39 One of Nature’s Secrets Revealed? by David Kennett. On dowsing, trees and planting them according to Earth energy grids.

Page 39 The Miracle of Nature’s Unseen Forces by David Kennett. More on Dave’s dowsing experiments down on the farm.
Page 40 A Dowser’s Method of Combatting Soil Salinity by David Kennett. Using dowsing for reversing soil degradation. Note that the theory of “rising ground water” that was, at the time, considered to be a cause of dryland salinity, has since been debunked. See the editor’s book The Wisdom of Water for more explanation of this.
Page 41 EMR Radiation News – mobile phones also fry your glandular system!

Page 42 Round Towers – Expressions of Native Irish Spirituality? by Alanna Moore. The enduring mystery of the unique Irish towers that are around 1000 years old. Alanna checked out 16 of them in Ireland earlier in 2000, and photographed the mighty specimen at Kilmacduagh, Co. Galway, pictured on the cover (a 34m high leaning tower).

Page 44 Our World of Vibrations – part 8 by Roseline Deleu, feng shu master, Canberra. On feng shui and children. What to avoid, what to encourage. Tips for asthmatic kids plus colour cures for behavioural problems and to induce improved childhood development.
Page 45 Bundjulung Country – an Earth wise street sign in Nimbin NSW written by local Aboriginal elders.
Page 46 Reviews: ‘Walking the Talk – a journal of Save Our Sacred Sites’ (UK), review by Alanna Moore. Looking mainly at archeological sites, such as ‘Seahenge’, the ancient tree stump circle that was covetted by many groups, and its fate. Also a modern stone circle made in 1998 on Limetree Farm, Yorkshire, as a focus for seasonal celebrations.
Page 47 ‘Spirit of the Land’ new biannual newsletter on Aboriginal spirituality in central Oz. ‘Cosmic Forces and what they are doing to you’, by Guy Lyon Playfair and Scot Hill (1978) reviewed by Antony Riddell.

Contents of Geomantica Issue 9
Spring equinox, September 2000.

Page 49 Editorial – This was the last issue in print.
Page 50 Curry Grid Developments – by David Kennett, expanding on his previous articles, working with subtle energies, the Curry Grid in particular, to enhance plant growth, plus effects of geopathic stress on plants.
Page 51 British Earth Mysteries – an intervew with John Billingsley in West Yorkshire by Alanna Moore. Historical and recent developments in the field of Earth mysteries (aka geomancy). John is the editor of the longest running Earth mysteries magazine in the world, ‘Northern Earth’, founded in 1979. From antiquarian researchers, to Alfred Watkin’s ley lines, to Seahenge, the much disputed tree circle, to the enlightened (private) management of the Rollright Stone Circle.

Page 54 Another Sacred Site in the Making by Alanna Moore. Barbara Galloway continues the theme from where we left her in the previous article on the subject (issue 7 Evolution of a Sacred Site). Barbara moved to Castlemaine and found herself in another house with a big Earth vortex! She went through another activation process with it, met up with Aboriginals in spirit there, and the resulting energetic effects could be perceived for some distance away.

Page 55 Energy Dowsing – Muddling with the Meta-Pattern, by Tom Graves. Tom delivers a scathing attack on undisciplined dowsing! Geomantica is forced to blank out a name to protect one of the accused! In between there are valid points to be considered to assist our balanced self-development.
Page 60 New Geomantica website. The 21st century has arrived!

Page 61 A Personal Journey through the Sometimes Difficult World of Living Water by Anthony Riddell, Melbourne, who muses on various aspects of water and what to do to purify it.
Page 61 Photo of South Australian dowsers dowsing the Rollright Stones, via a photo on the wall by Tom Graves.

Contents of Geomantica Issue 10
Summer Solstice, December 2000.

Page 63 Editorial
Heralding a new era of website- only Geomantica magazines.
Page 63 Exploring an Earth Vortex by Annie O’Grady – who takes an intrepid group of people out into the magnificent Flinders Ranges of South Australia, location of the Global Grid Point 44. They have some mind blowing, other-dimensional experiences.

Page 66 Agnihotra – The Fire of Life, by Alanna Moore – The ancient Indian science of the Vedas included fire therapy, with sacred Homa fires made in upturned copper pyramids, typically done at dawn and dusk while chanting a special mantra. Effects on improved health of people and animals and the healing of diseased crops etc has made Homa farming a necessity in our unbalanced world, according to enthusiastic exponents Lee and Frits Ringma in the Cessnock area of New South Wales, where they have transformed a trashed out farm into a productive place of beauty.

Page 69 The Saga of Hindmarsh Island by Alanna Moore – Starting from the Aboriginal Dreamtime story of the Murray River delta, an area of great richness and spiritual import, we then follow the sad, long story of the erosion of Aboriginal rights and heritage under pressures from coastal land developers in South Australia. Being a threat to ‘secret women’s business’, this clash of cultures saw sacred Dreaming sites lost to the almighty $. Alanna describes energies there on a recent visit.

Page 72 Journeys with the Spirit of Place – Part 2 on an interview in Yorkshire earlier in the year with John Billingsley, a folkorist and editor of the world’s longest running geomancy magazine Northern Earth. John speaks of ancient sites he’s found on the Yorkshire moors and a terrestial zodiac that went on to becme a local focus of pilgrimage.

Page 75 Report on Power Towers in South Australia by Alanna Moore – Alanna travelled with fellow dowser Tom Graves to South Australia to check out what sounded like amazing, huge Power Towers that are dotted around the Eyre Peninsula. But it wasn’t as good as it looked! Still, you can always learn a lot from other people’s mistakes!

Page 77 What’s On – includes an interesting line-up of speakers for a Feng Shui conference in Canberra, March 2001.


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