About Geomantica

Geomantica.com provides an unique range of resources for eco-sensitive living and harmony with nature.

It is for people who recognise that we are spiritual beings with divine attributes. That we can practise the arts of divining to connect us on deep, subtle levels to our environment, to wisdom, to each other. This practise exercises innate human powers of perception that transcend time and space. (In contrast to the superficial technological communications that pass as human connection today!) The veils of perception were meant to be drawn. Other-dimensional realms are as far away as the swing of a pendulum.

Geomantica fosters an wholistic approach to natural living, eco-awareness and psychic development via dowsing. Down-to-earth and practical, it offers information, training, plus experiential events for those who seek “new eyes” on the world.

Geomantica website was established in September 2000, providing free information articles plus services, the Geomantica magazine being an acclaimed feature. Principal Alanna Moore, the author of nine books, with 40 years experience of geomancy and teaching, is well known across Australia for her work. She is currently based in Ireland.

Geomantica magazine was begun in 1998, following previous incarnations as ‘Earth Spirit Quarterly’ and before then, from 1982 ‘Dowsing News’, newsletters produced by editor Alanna. Old magazine issues, containing a great wealth of information, have been archived and can be bought as pdfs HERE. Continuing editions of the magazine are still provided free of charge. The current Geomantica magazine (the 81st, at the time of writing) can be read HERE.

Geomantica also offers tools for eco-sensitive living from colleagues who have decades of experience in their fields. In a world of toxic, invasive technologies – these are an antidote, especially for sensitive people, fostering wellbeing and strengthening resilience. Find these recommended products on the Tools pages HERE.

“I have recently started studying the art of Geomancy and Permaculture. I have come across your website and naturally found it fascinating! Your work is amazing! Thank you very much.” – T. Sydney, Australia, 2015.

“Nobody in Australia offers the same information as you, and we are both so inspired by your work and also Marko Pogacnik. We are hoping that we can learn from you both in our time abroad, so we can do the work here and make some much needed Earth healing in conjunction with assisting people with Building Biology.” – C. 2015.

“Alanna Moore is no stranger to me even though she may not be familiar with my name. Have followed her activities and teachings for some 35 years, when Alanna used to sell small dowsing newsletters in health shops (in ), I remember eagerly waiting for the next instalment, at one time I wrote a letter to Alanna describing my dowsing activities for which she awarded me a prize, her Book. That was a long time ago! Thank you for the wonderful work Geomantica has engaged in for a great number of years.” – AC, Melbourne, Australia, 2019.

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