Geomanticas No.s 56 – 60


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Issues 56 – 60 (48 A4 pages): 2013 to 2014


Contents of Geomantica 56
August 2013

Page 2 G56 Editorial – The 15th birthday of Geomantica is coming this September 2013. Archived back issues are on their way! The International Dowsing Telesummit is on again for next month too, with editor Alanna Moore one of the speakers.

Page 2 LETTERS Love the indigenous dreamings of Australia and Ireland! Extra-terrestrial Origin of Some Nature Intelligences – why not? Wireless Transmission of Power – this proposal is a real shocker! Orb Shack – where working on the devic dimension, many orbs have appeared in photos of Kate’s shed.

Page 3 NEWS
Report of new Python Press books launch at Maldon and Melbourne.
Page 4 Upcoming new book: Stone Age Farming – tapping nature’s subtle energies for your farm or garden, 2nd edition. British Society of Dowser’s journal cover features Alanna Moore’s story about the Stone Serpent in Victoria and other Aboriginal stone arrangements. Electro-static Horror story – a man who sets places on fire! Trees Keep you Healthy – a recent statistical study has proven this.
Page 5 Electro-magnetic fields destroy nature. Plants continue respond to light after being picked. Soil Regeneration through Electromagnetism. Food Rituals Aid Health and Happiness New Study Shows. Building ritual objects found in Brisbane.

Page 6 Free Wifi? How about Wifi Free Instead! – actions against internet beaming towers in Victoria and Wi-Fi Public Internet in Mullumbimby, northern NSW and also Adelaide.

Page 6 X Marks the Spot by Suzy Keys. Finding an expensive and infuriating water leak in north Queensland via map dowsing by Alanna Moore in Victoria.

Page 8 On Dowsing and Revegetation – a talk by David Kennett, WA, about his ongoing work matching trees with Earth energy patterns and mineral requirements etc on his farm Auria. (Dave’s trees are growing phenomenaly well!)

Page 9 Clay is a Healer! by Alanna Moore. Clay is amazing stuff and it has long been used to heal many conditions.

Page 10 Don’t Frack my Holy Well, by Bee Smith, Ireland. Gas fracking threatens Ireland, with its multitude of aquifers.

Page 11 Canopy-Style EMR Shield by P Neilson, NSW. Find out about a cheap screening method for around your bed.

Page 12 Book Reviews – Water Spirits of the World & Touchstones for Today (excerpts of reviews in Tapestry and Nexus magazines and Dowser’s societies newsletters).

Contents of Geomantica 57
December 2013

Page 14 Editorial – Fewer Geomantica events being organised nowdays.
Letter – Water leak story continues, Praise for Geomantica, Labyrinth made.
Page 15 Power Towers for Earth Acupuncture, Proposal to mitigate radiation at Fukushima using Agnihotra. Crowd funding call for stone circle auditorium.

Page 16 News: Radio interview with Alanna Moore on landscape dragons. New book from Python Press – Earth Render, by James Henderson. The history and possible fate of Victoria’s famous Hanging Rock.
Page 17 Mystical Hanging Rock by J. Vallak. It’s a mysterious Aboriginal site.
Page 18 EMR News – Problems of Wifi Exposure – a prominent person in the news.

Feature Articles:
Page 18 New knowledge about water and static electricity By Miroslav Provod. Friction creates static charge in objects and this can be transferred.

Page 19 Geomagnetic Activity and Dowsing By P. Nielsen. Do sunspots / CMEs affect dowsers and sensitives? How can we find out about them?

Page 19 The Nile Cross (Anhk) By Miroslav Provod. It’s an energy device!

Page 20 Book Reviews – Stone Age Farming 2nd Edition, by Alanna Moore. Reviewed for the Dowsers Society of NSW.
Page 21 Nature Spirits: The Remembrance – a guide to the Elemental Kingdom by Susan Raven. Reviewed by Alanna Moore.

Contents of Geomantica 58
March 2014

Page 23 Editorial
Letters – Feedback on Sensitive Permaculture – “such an amazing wealth of insight”. A Visit to Findhorn.

Page 23 News – Update on the development threat to the famous Hanging Rock, from where came inspiration for the book/film Picnic at Hanging Rock.

Page 24 Inspiration from Bhutan’s environmental success. UK dowser Patrick MacManaway on Aussie TV. Agnihotra as an antidote to ionising radiation.

Feature Articles
Page 25 A Geomancer’s Look at the Evil Eye  by Alanna Moore – What is the Evil Eye? Is it still a problem today? What are the traditional ways to deal with it? Surprising insights into human nature from the distant past.

Page 28 Mystery of the Massive Baalbek Megaliths by Miroslav Provod. A mighty megalithic mystery is found not far from Beirut in Lebanon, with stones that boggle the imagination for how they might have been moved into place.

Page 29 Obituary – Clif Sanderson: A Great Tree Has Fallen, by his wife Galena Sanderson. Clif’s legacy is an inspiring life of compassion and a whole new modality of healing. Clif was a founder of NSW Dowser’s Society.

Page 29 Book Reviews – Stone Age Farming, 2nd Edition, by Alanna Moore. Reviewed by Peta Hudson for Organic New Zealand.

Page 29 Touchstones for Today, by Alanna Moore, reviewed by Barbara Botham for the Canadian Society of Questers and the Canadian Society of Dowsers. Message Stone – The  Legacy by Stephen O Guth, reviewed by Alanna Moore.

Page 31 The Science Delusion – freeing the spirit of inquiry by Rupert Sheldrake, reviewed by Alanna Moore.

Contents of Geomantica 59
June 2014

Page 33 Editorial – End of an era with the folding of the Natural Resonance Study Group in  Perth and also the Australian Dowser’s Society in Sydney.
Page 33 Letters – Stone circle energies in Sweden. Urban and Regional Planning in consultation with the Devas is the way to go!

Page 33 News: Singing to the Land – new Geomantica events upcoming in Ireland. Alanna Moore will be leading ‘Fairy Walks’ to introduce people to the Devic dimensions and sing special songs to bless and honour the land, elements and nature.

Page 34 Feature articles
Dowsing Rods, Capacitors, the Memory of Water and Static Electricity by Miroslav Provod. Looking at the effect of microwaving water, as measured by dowsing and application to plants.

Page 35 Permaculture and Nature Spirits by Michael Pilarski, USA.
Why the Otherworlds are still relevant today in land planning for harmonious communities. How to approach working consciously with the Devas. Pilarski’s annual Fairy and Human Relations Congress is the foremost event of its kind worldwide. (Michael is well known for his work with permaculture and reafforestation.)

Page 36 Herb Lore, Fairies and Seers and in Old Ireland by Alanna Moore.
Traditions of Irish herbal lore were generally considered to have come from Otherworld sources. Ancient Irish herbal hospitals were magical places where herbs grew abundantly. Meanwhile, in France the greatest herbalist known – Maurice Messegue – also spoke of obtaining herb wisdom from the ‘king or queen’ of the plant. Fairies had their role in ancient traditions of Irish geomancy as well, being consulted in various ways to obtain permission before building, etc.

Contents of Geomantica 60
October 2014

Page 41 Editorial – It’s the end of an era, with the Mucklestone Farm – home of Geomantica – being prepared for selling.
Page 41 News: An interview with Alanna Moore in Germany. An experiment with wifi you might try at home. Effects of high frequency electro-smog are plain to see on plants with this simple experiment.

Feature Articles:
Page 42 My Dryland Permaculture Farm by Alanna Moore. It’s harvest time, as the fruits of 14 years permaculture landscaping bear unusual fruit: bush foods, wattle seeds and sandalwood nuts. It’s a resilient edible landscape that can cope with weather extremes and drought.

Page 43 Bucket Gardening for Abundant Leafy Greens by Alanna Moore. How to re-purpose unwanted buckets into lush food gardens that don’t need a lot of attention, based on the water conserving Wicking Bed garden. Go on – be a lazy gardener!

Page 44 Nazca Plain – static electricity by Miroslav Provod. Unknown means of controlling anti-gravitational forces must have been used to elevate massive megaliths into position, postulates Provod. With no other sound explanation on the table – it’s a subject well worth investigating further.

Page 45 Antigravity by Miroslav Provod. More on this subject of the great mystery of megalithic manipulation.

Page 46 Russia’s Anastasia and Permaculture by Michael Pilarski, USA. Pilarski is well known for his work with permaculture and reafforestation in the US. He has also spent four decades interacting with the devic realms. So his take on the Anastasia movement coming out of Russia some 20 years ago is well informed. While the fictional nature of the books and films that have inspired this back-to-the-land movement may turn many off, it has apparently captured the imagination of millions of readers worldwide and sent people off to live in ‘kin domains’ where organic food growing and sound human relations are paramount.


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