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Weekend geomancy workshops with Alanna Moore –  

These are mostly experiential events, for practising at the cutting edge of dowsing and esoteric gardening techniques. Offers to host such an event at a private venue and help facilitate it to happen is welcomed.

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A Typical Programme:

Saturday Programme
1. 10am. Introduction to pendulum dowsing for problem solving and energy assessments.
2. Dowsing for improved plant, soil and animal health; including our own body energies and energetic planting techniques.
3. Dowsing the energies of trees and sensing beneficial interactions with them.
4. Water divining using pendulums and map dowsing.
5. Subtle environmental energies that affect wellbeing and detecting them by dowsing.
6. The hazard of geopathic stress, with Earth acupuncture techniques to neutralise it.
7. The hazard of electro-stress, with practical ways to avoid, block or reduce its affects.
End 5pm.

Sunday Programme
1. 10am. Spirits of place, the other-dimensional Other Worlds and how to dowse for them.
2. On-site dowsing for landscape energies and beings.
3. Volcanic rock dust for soil remineralisation and stimulating energetic qualities.
4. Harmonising feng shui and energising plants and animals with ‘Power Towers’.
5.   ‘Sensitive Permaculture’ design, informed by subtle energies, for improved harmony with nature.
6. Making a Power Tower onsite, charging it up with joyful ritual and dowsing its energy field.
Ends 5pm.

Praise for Alanna Moore’s Workshops

“Alanna has been to Dunedin NZ a few times now. I was lucky to get to go to one of the workshops. Later I asked her to come to talk at the local Theosophical Society, and we had a workshop on Deva Dowsing. I think it was Israel Regardie who promoted Dowsing as a way to get in contact with spiritual forces… It does seem though that this sort of thing is much easier with an experienced person there. In the workshops there were pendulums which would not move. Until Alanna put her hand on the persons shoulder, then they had the ability it seemed.” – D. B., Dunedin, New Zealand.

“It was great to do all the hands-on practise and a perfect compliment to reading Stone Age Farming.” – D.G., Australia.

“I really enjoyed the day. I got such a buzz out of it! Thanks very much.” – L., Ireland.

“I wanted to say that the Power Tower and dowsing and leyline work I learnt from you has been *stunning*. I naturally have adapted it to my way of doing things and the Australian landscape, however I find myself with others being amazed at the energetic and natural beauty results and so the benefits to human health and sustainability. I have many fairies in the garden…and am creating a grove for them….with different flowers and herbs…Any information would be welcome and I hope we can meet up again re developing more awareness of the importance and possibility for developing these divine Nature zones.” – N., Australia

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