Geomancy Consultancy by Map Dowsing


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Map Dowsing – Remote house and site energy surveys by Alanna Moore.

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Map Dowsing

– Remote house and site energy surveys by Alanna Moore.

  • Do you feel uncomfortable in a certain room at home?
  • Hearing spooky bumps and creaks in the night…is it a haunting?
  • Not sleeping nor feeling well in the new home and is geopathic stress the cause?
  • Want to know if there are fairies in your garden and how to respect and work co-creatively with them?
  • Want to find sublime Earth energies or locate a Power Tower on your farm ?
  • Curious about the subtle energy matrix in your school or workplace?…

These are some typical reasons for having dowsing surveys of the invisible influences at play in the environment. It can be extremely useful for understanding the power of place and for harmonising unhelpful energies.

Alanna Moore has 40 years experience of site dowsing and harmonising work. Nowadays this is mostly done by map or plan, remotely. (Our psyches are not limited by time and space!)

A map/plan can be sent anytime for a survey, which may take up to two weeks for Alanna to complete, and a report will then be sent back.
Please do not send google maps or photos. A simple diagram, hand drawn is ok, for dowsing over, is usually sufficient. Mark any significant features and which room is used for what. Do not explain much about the problem or speculate it’s specific location. That’s Alanna’s job to find out! But please do ask about any of the possible factors that may be involved, as in the list below.

Prior payment is required. If extra dowsing or complex harmonising work is required, another payment may be needed, by negotiation. After payment, email your map/plan to –

Small place – e.g. an apartment $AUD120 €75
Medium place – e.g. house and garden $AUD150 €100
Large place – small farm $AUD200 €150

Environmental Energy Checklist

Earth Energies

Underground water flows (causing geopathic stress)
Surface waters eg spring, water drainage problem
Geological faults or vulcanism
Mineral orebody – granite, uranium, lead etc
Geodetic currents e.g. Dragon/Serpent Lines, Fairy Pathways
Vortex (chakra point) – upwards, downwards, both ways
Mines, quarries, tunnels, pipes, hollows
Nature spirit, centre for nature spirits
Sacred site, sacred site complex (‘Landscape Temple’)
Biological energies of nature (plants, animals, etc)

Sky Energies

Energy leys (also called ley lines)
Universal / planetary grids (also called Curry, Hartmann etc grids)
Cosmic rays
Planetary and lunar influences
Air elemental spirit beings e.g. angels, sylphs, fairies
Electromagnetic fields

Man Made & Building Energies

House history
House structure and materials
House shapes or forms
Household objects
House spirit/s
Pollution from air / sound / soil / water / food / furnishings
Metal structures eg sheds, fences
Phones – mobile / cordless / transmission masts
Electricals – wiring / appliances / ‘smart’ meter / dirty electricity / wireless internet
Electrical transmission – big power lines / transformers / stray voltage (ground current)
Bad thoughtforms & feelings from people, plants, or animals
Burial, battle or massacre site
Entity (eg revenant, ghost)

Place Size

Small Place, Medium Place, Large Place


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