Diploma of Dowsing for Harmony


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Diploma of Dowsing for Harmony –
Geomantica’s acclaimed Correspondence Course

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Geomantica’s acclaimed Correspondence Course

This correspondence course imparts techniques and applications of pendulum dowsing that will help you to create a more energetically harmonious world and also to potentially have a career doing this work. It was first offered in 1989 and students have found it to be an exciting voyage of discovery. Since then it has also been revised and updated. There are no time restrictions on diploma students, no obligation on when to complete it.

The course includes comprehensive notes, dowsing charts and lists, plus practical exercises. Diploma students enjoy encouragement and questions answered by Alanna Moore, who helps to guide their dowsing development. It’s also available as course notes only, for those not wanting a Diploma.

For those who wish to gain a diploma, study the Dowsing for Harmony Diploma Correspondence Course at your own pace, but it’s recommended to take at least four weeks to complete each unit. Write up how dowsing exercises went, worknotes and any questions are then sent to Geomantica, so that progress can be checked. Notes are then returned with feedback or answers. At the end of the course, real life distant dowsing exercises allow students to test their skills at dowsing.


  • For a Diploma, the course sent as 10 pdfs when required: $AUD75, €45 per study unit, totalling $750, €450.
  • Diploma course paid fully in advance: $650 €400
  • For just the course notes, no Diploma, fully paid in advance: $325 €200
  • Upgrade to Diploma status: pay the full fee a 2nd time: $325 €200

The 10 study units:

One – The basic art of pendulum dowsing. Useful theories that help to explain dowsing ability. Clear, simple techniques and valuable exercises.

Two – Wholistic diagnosis – The wholistic basis for health, wellbeing and harmony. The balance of mind, body, emotions, spirit and environment. Esoteric aspects of the human being, divining the Seven Rays of Theosophical thought.

Three – Body systems – An integrated approach to anatomy and physiology, from the physical to the various energetic dimensions, according to traditional paradigms including Chinese medical philosophy.

Four – Analytic dowsing – Divining causative factors in disease, diet selection, food and water testing, allergen detection etc. The problem of residual toxins in food and water, e.g. pesticides, pollutants, additives, and how to divine for them. Using physical samples for dowsing analysis.

Five – Dowsing for Solutions – Selecting remedies and therapies by dowsing and Seven Ray analysis. Working with vibrational remedies made from flowers, gems, shells etc. Dowsing for homeopathic remedies.

Six – Distant Dowsing and Healing – Remote health analysis and some energy balancing techniques. Using symbolic patterns plus crystals and gems for remote healing work. Chaka balancing with the pendulum and more.

Seven – Earth Energies and Health – The problem of geopathic stress that is caused by underground water streams, geological faults etc. How to foster environmental harmony with geomancy, including Chinese geomancy, feng shui. Detecting and working with the other-dimensional realms, finding ways to be in harmony with the nature spirits.

Eight – Building Biology – Our homes are our “third skin” and they should breathe, outgas and protect our wellbeing, just as our own skin does. Sick Building Syndrome can be caused by toxic buildings, ones that cannot breathe, or with noxious materials and furnishings, as well as electro-magnetic fields that can threaten our life force and also sicken us. Finding healthier alternatives.

Nine – Map Dowsing and Environmental Remedies – Remote dowsing via map or plan for seeking out detrimental zones in homes, gardens, farms etc. Geomantic cures including Earth Acupuncture, Copper Pipes, crystals, stones etc for neutralising detrimental energies.

Ten – Towers of Power and the Professional Dowser – How to create paramagnetic antennae known as Power Towers and dowsing the best location for them. Ritual for imparting specific intentions into the energy field of the Power Tower. Finally, practising as a professional dowser.

Some examples of comments received about the course over the years:

“I am thoroughly enjoying the course. …Thanks a lot, the information has been of real practical help” – Mrs R Ogden, Brunei Darussalam, Malaysia.

“I think it’s an excellent course.” – H. Young, Mosman, NSW, Australia.

“Your section on chemicals is quite comprehensive…. I have found the course very informative.” – S. Becker, Perth, Western Australia.

“Another enjoyable unit and for me a great unfolding of my dowsing ability occurred. I think this was due to the amount of hands-on work in the lessons. It has built up my confidence….
The last unit of study has brought me to the finish of one and a half years of most enjoyable learning. I have reviewed my progress spiritually, physically and emotionally over this time and feel that personally I have grown in leaps and bounds. I feel that the connection with my true self/nature has been established.”

The following comments were made about the original course textbook The Dowsing and Healing Manual by Alanna Moore (now incorporated into the course):

“By far the best work on the subject I have come across.” – Dr Jocelyn Townrow, PhD, BSc Hons, Sandfly, Tasmania.

“The best manual on the modern system of dowsing principles and information I have found …a splendid book.” – J Rubie, secretary New Zealand Dowsing Society, April 1990.

“A veritable bible for those interested in the background and techniques of dowsing.” – Jeni Edgely, Wellbeing magazine no 26, 1988.

“I welcome your incredible tool box – home study course. Thanks for bringing that information together.  A true labor of love!”

Dowsing Course Payment Terms

Per Unit, Diploma in Advance, Course Notes Only, Diploma Upgrade


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