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Geomantica 83
September 2022

The magazine of Earth harmony, via dowsing, geomancy, esoteric gardening & agriculture,
and eco-sensitive living, since 1998. Edited by Alanna Moore.

Geo 83 Contents


* ‘Sensitive Italy’ – Alanna Moore reports on launching the Italian edition of Sensitive Permaculture in August 22.
* Alanna’s Recent Youtube Interviews in Italy.
* Free resource for tropical permaculture design.

* Saving the Bees with Dowsing.
Bees, like us, are super-sensitive to unhealthy energies in the environment and the knowledge of this can help to save them from extinction and sustain the incomes of natural bee keepers. Alanna Moore shares what savvy bee keepers have told her of the benefits of this approach, as confirmed in other publications also.

* What a Magnificent Tree!
Trees not only bring beauty, grace and comfort to places, some also share high energy interactions with us. Victorian dowser Mick Moran was blown away by one he checked out in Ballarat.
* God’s Punishment or Karma?
Religion sends out mixed messages, with often dubious spiritual benefits, in this piece by George Neofitou in Melbourne.

Book review:
Electrocultural Patents- practical manual of the original J.-E. Christofleau’s patents (1865 – 1938) for self-construction and modern application to crops, vegetable gardens and gardens. Newly translated to bring the knowledge of these French century+ old free-energy devices and techniques to English and Italian readers.

What’s On? Geomantica events coming up in Ireland in October ’22 and in Australia in November ’22 and February ’23; and in the UK in March 2023 (tbc).


Geo 83 Editorial

Dear Folks,
Welcome to the magical world of Geomantica, magazine of all things geomantic, winging in from the splendour of a warm, dry autumn in Ireland and bringing knowledge of positive applications of ancient wisdom for helping today’s world.

Our harvest at Fairyfield of staple, storable foods – potatoes, broad beans, quinoa, squash, etc – is being gradually prepared for safe keeping. We are overwhelmed by fruit and vegetables again! It’s a joy to share them with friends and neighbours too, which is a form of community banking that always comes back to you. And in times of crises it’s our neighbours who can be relied upon for help, they can be our “nearest and dearest”.

While the war in Ukraine continues and its effects on Europe are really being felt, it’s also exciting to see the effects of fuel shortages making people switch to more energy efficient lights, heating, devices etc. It has a taken a crisis for people to reduce fuel demand and stop using energy guzzling devices. People were not going to change in an era of cheap energy. So that’s a positive outcome of this situation.

There are load of tips for reducing fuel and power use in the home in my latest book Peasant in Paradise. You don’t have to go without ‘luxuries’ too, our ‘eco-luxury’ outdoor fire bath, for example, is better than any commercial hot tub!

Thanks to the contributors to this edition of Geomantica and happy reading to all!
Alanna Moore

Geo 83 News


Sensitive Italy

The book ‘Sensitive Permaculture – Cultivating the Way of the Sacred Earth’ now available in Italian has become an instant best-seller!   Buy from

I went to Italy in August 2022 to launch Permacultura Sensitiva and do some teaching. Travelling through central regions, it was a bit shocking to see the bleached, yellow landscapes, so dried out after another long hot summer. The drought and heatwaves have impacted much food growing across southern Europe this year and there is even the possibility of famine.

In the central Italian region of ancient Etruria the volcanic landscapes were stunning to see, Lake Bolsena especially. It’s the largest crater lake in Europe and the fertility of surrounding volcanic soil made it centre stage for that earliest civilisation of the pre-Roman Etruscans.

Further north in the Apennines, near Bologna, I enjoyed lofty natural environments of wild tree clad mountains. Students at our workshop were well acquainted with dowsing and electroculture for improved growing, thanks to host Andrea Donnoli, Italy’s greatest exponent. The nature spirits in his garden were extremely friendly. A participant later wrote to say that the event was:

“really something extraordinary. I felt feelings I didn’t know I could experience”.

Another said:

“fairies are super happy… and dance with us”.


It was great to be teaching in a food forest landscape featuring electroculture devices set up by Andrea, who has pioneered the revival of electroculture technologies popular a century ago. Andrea’s free-energy devices for improved food growing (for example those in the photo below) were inspired from rare old books, articles in ancient publications and patents that he has sourced from around the world. Andrea’s library is impressive! So many books on geomancy etc are published in French, Italian, German etc, but not English.

Andrea and colleague Valentina have recently translated the electroculture patents of French pioneer Justin-Etienne Christofleau into Italian and English book editions (see the review later in this issue). Having translated Sensitive Permaculture into Italian, Andrea has already begun translation of another of my books – Stone Age Farming.

The weekend was fully catered with memorable meals, special gelatos, coffees, waffles and whatever we wanted provided by vibrant chef couple Marco and Alessandra. Techniques for improving food and drink flavours and qualities by energetic means were constantly made during meals using pyramids, gonging etc. Samples of olive oil and and wines produced with electroculture were provided for testing also and we were well spoiled in the process! (Andrea is in the pic with the bottles of olive oil with different herbs).

The Italians’ appreciation of high quality, naturally grown wholesome food is very refreshing and people there have great feeling for the environment too. In fact I witnessed greater sensitivities in the Italian soul than anywhere else, with those I’ve met at least!

The sighting one evening of a magnificent white stag, yes – an albino Red Deer with huge antlers, alongside his smaller stag friend, stepping out proudly but cautiously from the edge of a mountain forest, was a wonderful experience and taken to be a most auspicious sign. It felt like a salute from the Divine Masculine in its purest, noblest form.

So I look forwards to returning to Italy in June 2023. More SENSITIVE PERMACULTURE for EARTH HARMONY events will be organised at private venues, where we’ll dowse the locale and plant energies, and make a Power Tower in the garden etc.


* Alanna Moore’s Recent Interviews Online

Andrea Donnoli interviewed Alanna Moore in August 2022, in English with Italian translation:

Buongiorno, sono disponibili 3 nuovi PODCAST FREE – Italian English
– Permacultura Sensitiva…/2022-10-28T00_52_58-07_00
– ElectroSensibility…/2022-10-28T00_31_30-07_00
BOOKs, Experience, Service at…/2022-10-28T00_27_21-07_00
Alanna Moore & Andrea Andrea Andrew Donnoli ElettroColtura


* Free book of 1,111 pages on tropical permaculture design

‘The Tropical Permaculture Guidebook – Complete’ is available online for download, they are looking for donations only.
Find it here –


Feature Articles

Saving the Bees with Dowsing

by Alanna Moore, August 2022.

Before talk of the covid pandemic, war in Europe, fuel shortages, economic chaos, and the like dominated the news, the media fed us wide ranging stories of ecological distress and mayhem. Those problems remain, of course, and they are mostly unresolved. Take honey bees for example. They are super stressed, doomed to ‘colony collapse’ or whatever you want to call it. Being so important for the pollination of our food crops, amongst other services and products that they bestow on humankind, the demise of the honeybee is predicted to be followed by our own.

Bees are highly susceptible to agro-chemicals and when tobacco based brews were introduced a few years ago, the rate of colony death and disappearances really skyrocketed. But chemical agriculture has long been in use, from World War II when bomb factories were repurposed for making soil-toxic plant ‘food’.

Something else must be in the mix to explain the rapid decline of honeybees over the last few decades (and our other insect friends). A big clue comes again from World War II on the Isle of Wight, where there was a sudden onset of honeybee colony disappearance and death. This happened to correspond with the installation of a cluster of radar bases, at the dawn of the era of radar. They even called the bee problem “Isle of Wight Disease”, Arthur Firstenberg relates in his excellent book on the effects of increasing electro-stress levels on our planet. 1. Today radio wave and microwave pollution is everywhere, we are all in a self-made warlike zone now, and we, nature and the bees are its victims.

It is easy to show the bees’ discomfort with high tech energies. Place a mobile phone on their hive and they will make a hasty exit, perhaps never to return. First, their buzzing changes, as swarming instincts kick in. 2 Around 5G communication antennas dead bodies of bees are found littering the ground. But the bees’ sensitivity is also a clue to protecting and enhancing their wellbeing.

What is that buzz?
Bees communicate with dance and song, their sounds changing under differing circumstances and environments. They sing joyfully to the flowers that they frequent and the flowers respond to them in kind!

BBC sound engineer, Rex Boys, wanted to learn out about auditory changes to buzzing when bees are about to swarm, etc. Using audio equipment, Boys determined that the bees’ standard vibrational rate is 190 – 250 Htz, and he wrote about his findings in his book ‘Listen to the Bees’.

Bee keeper and dowser John Hardy in Yorkshire was inspired by this research and went on to find that bees have a tendency to swarm to areas where there is a similar vibrational rate – which happens to be in geopathic zones, such as above underground water flows. What’s more, and this is a real buzz!!, when living in a geopathic zone they will be naturally free from Varroa Mite and produce two to three times the amount of honey than when not in such a zone, he wrote in a book on the subject. 3

Bees are attracted to geopathic zones every time they swarm, Hardy discovered. Here, “their stress levels are at a minimum due to not working so hard…where they are more harmonious with nature and able to deal with Varroa Mite,” he wrote. For example Hardy observed a swarm of bees that settled into an empty hive, one of a group of empty ones. The one they chose was the only one that happened to be in a geopathic zone!

Hardy’s firsthand insights were very welcome to find. I didn’t know that it was the bees’ preference to be in geopathic zones. I’ve been passing on the knowledge of bee hive placement on these zones for Varroa protection for 20 years, and was once castigated about it by a biodynamic/esoteric beekeeper who felt that the dowsers’ approach amounts to an “exploitation of the bees”. But now I know that they actually prefer to live in these locations!

Another dowser / beekeeper, Kevin F. McCurdy in New Zealand, asserts the importance of dowsing for not just placement in geopathic zones (that he calls ‘ley line intersections’ but does not explain what he means by this term), but also for the correct orientation of the entrance hole of the hive. Not to get caught up with vague terminology, it’s simple to dowse for the most bee-appropriate sites and orientation.

McCurdy also places a radionic pattern, known as ‘God’s barcode’ printed on a piece of paper, on the side of the hive where any detrimental energies are coming in from. His bees are calm and collected, and they produce copious amounts of honey. “Without dowsing, I could not get the bees to be so healthy and, yes, happy,” he told fellow-kiwi Clif Sanderson (founding president of the NSW Dowser’s Society, now deceased). McCurdy has also passed away, but others continue his work, see 4.

Hardy wrote that frames should be ideally aligned north – south lengthways. However his assertion that he was the sole discoverer of the geopathic connection is not true. I was told about it by a dowser / bee keeper in New Zealand in 2002. James Edmondson’s hives, that had been placed according to dowsing on geopathic zones, were abundant and also nicely resistant to the dreaded Varro Mite that had not long come into the country. I was later told by commercial bee keeper Arnold Berkin in western Victoria that locating them on dowsed locations was “an ancient French technique” (probably European-wide I’d say). He and his sons had the ability to see/sense the correct energy places to best put their truckloads of beehives. The difference in increased output of honey was enormous compared to a random location for them, he told me.

I spread the word in my teaching travels around New Zealand, where Varroa is a problem. But in Australia there was no urgent need to know – no Varroa mites there. A big exporter of bees, it was the only country in the world to be Varroa free, with super tight bio-security aiming to keep them out. Until now…as some Varroa mites have recently turned up in New South Wales, causing great panic, toxic chemical spraying, plus bee hive extermination by the anxious authorities.

Now, more than ever, the valuable skills of dowsers are needed to help the all-important honey bees to continue to survive and thrive.

1. The Invisible Rainbow – a history of electricity and life, by Arthur Firstenberg, Chelsea Green, USA, 2020.
3. ‘An Holistic Way in Saving the Honey Bee’ by James Hardy, Yorkshire UK, 2010.
4. ‘The Bee Keeper’ by Clif Sanderson; ‘Alternate Plan Bee’, by François Capmeil – articles in Dowsers Society of NSW Newsletter August 2022 vol 34 issue 8.


What a Magnificent Tree!

by Mick Moran
Via Dowsing Society of Victoria Inc. Newsletter July 2022.

Recently I caught up with a friend in Ballarat, (Central Highlands of Victoria) and over a cuppa and a yarn, she pointed out a large Eucalyptus tree in the distance. She told me this tree had some very powerful energies, and if you were to touch it, you could feel the energy coming off it. She added that lots of people come to feel these sorts of energies as they can have a very positive and uplifting effect. She suggested I should check it out some time.
On a cold winters’ morning in June, I decided it was time to check this tree out, to see if I could feel any of the positive energies being emitted from it. The tree is located at Lakeland Square at Bakery Hill in Ballarat. The plaque nearby indicates the tree is a Tasmanian Blue Gum. It was apparently planted sometime between 1860 and 1880 when many other Tasmanian Blue Gums were planted throughout Ballarat. Unfortunately, because of their quick growth and their large size, all but this particular tree were later removed. Typically, this species of Tasmanian Blue Gums grows to around 70 metres (about 230 feet). A little large for a streetscape!!

The first thing I noticed when I approached the tree was its incredible size. It dominates the skyline and can be seen from quite some distance. Again, going by the nearby plaque, this tree, as of 2017, has a height of 38 metres (about 125 feet), a spread of between 30 to 34 metres (about 98 to 112 feet), and a girth of 7.5 metres (25 feet). For a tree of approximately 150 years old, it’s particularly large, and yet to me it looks like it’s only half grown. It would be interesting to know how large it will be in the next 150 years.

I took a dowsing rod with me to see if I could find any strong energy points near the tree. But as I walked around the tree, the rod kept pointing directly towards the tree. I wondered, was this tree emitting some strong energy of some kind? I’d been told it does, but to find out for myself, I knew I’d have to make contact with the tree.
It’s difficult to describe the feeling that went through my body as I touched this magnificent tree. The positive energy coming from it was so strong my body started to shake. The energy was almost overwhelming, but I soon got used to it.
The feeling I was getting was of a sense of a connection to everything. My energy levels increased a great deal, but it was my spiritual energy that increased the most. My connection to everyone and everything felt unbelievable.

I also sensed a feeling of peace and calmness present. I was so impressed by this tree I went back the next day to do it all again to enjoy the beautiful peace and positive energy. Days later I still had a very strong connection with the tree. Even now, I’m still enjoying the energy from that connection.

Over the years I’ve encountered all kinds of energies, some positive, some negative. Yet I had never found a place where the energies were as strong as that. This has made me rethink the energies around us. I hadn’t realised they could be so strong, with such a positive effect on me. This is a place I’ll be visiting many more times.
I also detected what I believe is a ley line running past the tree, but I’m yet to have that confirmed by another dowser. I’ll let you know.

To email Mick:


God’s Punishment or Karma?

by George Neofitou, Magpie House, Upwey, Melbourne, Australia.
Website –

“The God of the Old Testament is arguably the most unpleasant character in all fiction: jealous and proud of it; a petty, unjust, unforgiving control-freak; a vindictive, bloodthirsty ethnic cleanser; a misogynistic, homophobic, racist, infanticidal, genocidal, filicidal, pestilential, megalomaniacal, sadomasochistic, capriciously malevolent bully.” The God Delusion, Richard Dawkins, Bantam Press, 2006.

Ah yes, the ‘tragic’ story of Ananias and Sapphira, Acts 5.3 of the New Testament bible. Fabulous for illustrating a total lack of understanding of divinity, our material existence, why we are here, & where we are going. Let’s analyze “Peter the Apostle / god punished that rich couple who kept money hidden and did not give it all away. Apparently God was not happy about that.” Hey, we hope you don’t mind this analysis & take offense, when God by definition can NEVER be offended nor damaged in any way. That’s a HUMAN attribute. What if we were to say that YOU (& i) are God as well, yet we’ve simply forgotten that so that we can play this silly but exciting Game of Life with an aspect of Ego that is ALWAYS our DOWNFALL?

THIS is the VERY REASON for the establishment of Magpie House, being guided to these ‘truths’ 40 years ago which eventually manifested into this ‘Oasis’ of Light. It is specifically why being chosen, & choosing to take on this role (as it’s always a collaboration), often ends up in the equivalent of ‘crucification’ if pushed a little too hard. That’s why one often ‘backs off’ when the process of ‘exposure’ gets a little too dangerous (“I call for Teachers, not Martyrs” – Course in Miracles).

Neither you, nor i, are obliged to take on this or any role, it’s all Pure Choice with no karmic aspect, nor punishment, as ultimately punishment & all its derivations, simply do not exist.

First of all, there should be no punishment in God’s world. If God, or Spirit, is simply All That Is, & All That Is Not as well, total, complete, beyond the comprehension of the human mind, then why would God want or need to punish anyone? That would imply that God may actually Lack something by not getting absolute worship from each one of us, which is by definition impossible. How can something which is totally complete & whole ever experience less than its total magnificence? Why demand Worship when it is simply not necessary? If God is Pure Love, why give us Free Will & decide to PUNISH us when we actually USE it?

Second, there IS no separate Being calling itself God, as Spirit is simply All That Is/Is Not & so includes you & i & everyone else & in fact everything, including protons neutrons & electrons, ALL is CONSCIOUSNESS. “THERE IS NO GOD” is truly literal, “it” is simply a field of energy that is so incredibly complex & complete that it literally manifests our Reality as a Contextual Field based on our collective beliefs & mindset. THAT is PRECISELY why self-imposed MIND CONTROL (such as AUTHENTIC Yoga) is So Important, we are literally Creating our Reality with our Thoughts, False Judgements, & Beliefs. THAT explains why our mindsets can create Hell, when Hell itself does not exist. It’s All In The Mind, Manifested as Matter. Nothing more.

Third, in order for us as Spirit Beings to fully examine the experience of being human, we re-incarnate hundreds or even thousands of lifetimes at ALL levels of the socio-economic scale, from filthy rich down to totally destitute & all in between, in all cultures & nations of the world. We play the roles of Victim, Villain, Murderer, Lover, Leader, Follower, Rescuer & more until we have examined, & Mastered, it ALL. Only THEN can we be freed from the apparently endless Cycle of Rebirth as it gets rather tedious & hurtful at times, but eventually, we are joyously released from the “possession obsession” of Life.

What has the ‘appearance’ of ‘punishment’, is actually Natural Law, the Law of Karma, what goes around, comes around, of Cause & Effect & nothing more. How else do we evolve? You, & I, & all, can be ‘filthy rich’ if that’s a part of our chosen Life Plan before we incarnate, with no karmic consequences whatsoever, provided we Do No Harm to obtain great wealth or otherwise.

Fourth, Ananias and Sapphira may have simply ‘dropped dead’ as it was in their chosen Life Plan to fully fund to their maximum capacity a ‘project’ inspired from Jesus, & implemented by Peter, but they did not. Or, they may have voluntarily ‘dropped dead’ in order to demonstrate a Power of Divinity to keep a small, fledgling group as a cohesive, God-fearing whole, even though Fear is ‘False Evidence Appearing Real’. The spirits of Ananias and Sapphira were not harmed in any way. Shedding the Body is actually a JOYFUL experience for the Spirit that is released from a bodily prison (so why choose to go back again, & again, that’s a whole new topic that DOES have a complete explanation, & purpose).

These ‘truths’ are simply ‘Basic Metaphysics’ that are so sadly lacking in this primitive mindset world, the basis of 20 years of Study Groups (Spiritual Cinema & Discussion as well). It explains why conditions on Earth are rather hell-ish & have been for many thousands of years. The “Awaken the Species” material, & prior concepts going back several decades, are the Second Coming where we are ALL being given the opportunity to be Christed, & transform this planet into ‘Heaven on Earth’ using the Power of the Mind, & other tools. We ARE the ones we’ve been waiting for, after all!

Basic Metaphysics allows us then to truly comprehend the core meanings of the following statements about Wealth & being Rich or Poor or otherwise:

“Divine contemplation is no excuse for material carelessness.” Yogananda
“There’s nothing wrong with making it big, but why make it real?” Disappearance
“Not wanting anything is a warrior’s finest attainment.” Tales of Power adapted
“Do NOT believe what you Observe, but Observe what you Believe.”
“When you resist what is best, your soul allows it until you can’t stand it anymore.” Telos adapted
FREEDOM IS: Not Getting What we Want, but Wanting what we Get. Get It??!!

If not, then i may be wasting my time. But never mind, we all get there eventually. Cheers.


Book Review:

Electrocultural Patents

– practical manual of the original J.-E. Christofleau’s patents (1865 – 1938) for self-construction and modern application to crops, vegetable gardens and gardens, edited by Andrea Donnoli and Valentina Ghione, published in Italy 2022.

Reviewed by Alanna Moore.

This newly translated book is the work of Andrea and Valentina who translated the originals into English, as well as an Italian edition, with their added observations of experimentation with the devices. Justin-Etienne Christofleau (JEC), considered the modern ‘father’ of electroculture, developed many free-energy devices for improved crop yields before the age of chemical agriculture. These days his books are hard to come by, Andrea found. Eventually some old copies turned up here and there, including Australia, where many farmers had been using his techniques successfully around a century ago.

Electroculture can be defined as techniques and devices that use free electrons and the magnetism of the Earth to assist plant growth. Crops become healthier, have higher quality, are more abundant and resistant to disease and pests. “The application of magnetism, cosmic and telluric energies, charged water and sound can stimulate plant growth to a large extent,” Valentina wrote. “Energies are applied to seeds, plants, soil or water, and nutrients.”

JEC filed many patents in Europe and spread his technology around the world, eventually being knighted as a Knight of Agricultural Merit. He wrote in 1925 that some 150,000 devices had been sold worldwide. Using his devices, farmers saw production increasing by 30 – 300% and their crops had no need for fertilisers or pesticides. No wonder his writings disappeared, his successes silenced! JEC’s sincere wish to reduce world hunger was no doubt overshadowed by commercial pressures, the agro-chemical pushers.

JEC wasn’t the only one working in this field and his ‘Electromagnetic Thermobattery’ patent device is very similar to antenna coils made by George Lakovsky. These days there are a few exponents working in France, while in Italy Andrea Donnoli has been reviving JEC’s work there and beyond, spreading electroculture technologies and devices and teaching about them.

Find the book, plus Andrea’s free e-books etc, at his website:


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