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August 2023

The magazine of Earth harmony, via dowsing, geomancy, esoteric gardening & agriculture,
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Geo 86 Contents

* 4,500 year old monument unearthed in the Netherlands
* Adventures in Dowsing podcast.
* New Italian book by Alanna Moore, just launched in Italy.
* Geomantica Films just went online.

Features –
* A Gift of Nature offers individual solutions for enhancing our life by scanning & transferring frequencies with special rare crystals, by Ines Schwarz, Germany, July 2023

* Exploring a Royal Site – the inauguration mound of Brian Boru,
first ‘High King’ of Ireland, by Alanna Moore, June 2023.

* Connecting with a Traumatised Landscape, by Heather Colman, July 23 Australia.

* A Biological Antenna Theory for Human Energy Psychology. Cariann Meyer discusses the Antenna Theory with Steven Guth, May 2013.

Book Review –
Sacred Spirits of Gaia: Co-Creating a New Earth with Fairies, Elementals, Ancestors, and Spirits of the Land  By Camilla Blossom. Reviewed by Heather Colman

What’s On?
Alanna Moore’s workshops in Europe: near Lake Como, Italy in September 2023. In 2024 – in Germany (south Bavaria and Thuringia in summer), Italy (Bologna region in July) and central Switzerland (September).


Geo 86 Editorial

Dear Folks,
Here in Ireland autumn has come and cooled off the summer heat and sogginess. Meanwhile southern Europe is baking and burning. The climate everywhere is very erratic. To allay the uncertainty of these times we do well to be guided by our intuition. The practise of dowsing sharpens all of our intuitive faculties.

I’ve just returned from steamy Europe teaching the art of dowsing. The photos show us in the lovely village of St Etienne-Gourgas, under the encircling cliffs of Boute de Monde muscle testing to double check our dowsing results. It was so dry there in July that one evening, with a mighty crash a huge branch laden with fruit dropped off a big old Plum tree in the garden, a drastic measure to conserve moisture.

In the nearby river my camera captured sun orbs. On other days at the river a wonderful river spirit bestowed her blessings on me; and I watched a River Mink hunting then devouring a salalmander.

In Italy the previous weekend featured several electro-culture exponents and repeat students. On the Sunday afternoon someone set up a Multi-Wave Oscillator, offering healing sessions for all after the course finished, as in the photo. Andrea’s garden is very high energy, considering all the electro-culture devices everywhere. In the last photo a ‘cosmic ray’ showed up behind Ray!

Returning to Ireland I found my vegetable garden thriving despite the weeks of rain. The potatoes looked fine too. They were not my usual blight resistant variety and I did worry a little before leaving, as blight warnings were being given on the radio. So I had entrusted their care to the chief garden fairy and stopped worrying.

Only after I returned, at the end of July, did the potatoes finally get the blight and I was ready at that point to harvest them before any damage was done. It had been the wettest July on record, perfect for blight, a fungus that can complete destroy plants and tubers. So I reckon I owe that fairy a favour!

Gardeners need to adapt rapidly to erratic climate, growing food in protected places like greenhouses, where more controlled conditions can be given. Expect the worst and plan for it, using creativity to develop resilience and intuition for the guidance needed. And enlist the help of the fairies, but first – earn their respect!

Lots of news in store this issue of Geomantica, enjoy the articles and happy dowsing and geomancing the land!

Alanna Moore


Geo 86 Letters

Dear Alanna,

Thank you for your lovely newsletter,   FC Australia.

Hi Alanna
I would like to thank you very much for your book (translated by Andrea Donnoli into Italian) on Sensitive Permaculture! It opened up a new dimension of approach to natural systems and the energies that govern them. Now I can no longer do without pendulum and rods… now I’m here in Western Australia I would love to be able to help and work in realities that apply Sensitive Permaculture here in Australia. Therefore, please, I would like to ask you if you have any contacts for which I could collaborate and make myself available to them. I’m a hard worker and also a holistic practitioner (I do energy treatments)… I’m infinitely grateful to you for all the work and dissemination you do and I’m truly passionate about your teachings. Stefano.


Geo 86 News

* 4500-ish year old monument unearthed in the Netherlands

A ceremonial complex, the first of its kind discovered in the Netherlands, found back in 2016, was recently reported in the media. The main burial mound, one of three situated in the centre of the country, in the village of Tiel around 30km southeast of Utrecht, contains the remains of around 60 people and has several passages in it through which the sun would have shone on the longest and shortest days of the year. The three mounds were in use for around 800 years. The entire site covers some 3.8 Ha.

While the media beefed up the story, calling it the “Stonehenge of the Netherlands”, stone structures are not featured here. But the solar alignments are similar. Tracking the solstices and equinoxes was important for religious festivals and also to calculate what the sowing and harvesting times were, they said. It’s likely these special solar days were celebrated and a farm at the site might have served as a spot for festive gatherings, the archaeologists added.

Precious artifacts, such as a bronze spearhead, were buried where the sun’s rays hit the ground through an opening at the mound sanctuary, they reported. And during excavations a single glass bead was found within a grave. Its origin – Mesopotamia, modern day Iraq, some 5000 km away. The bead may be even older than the grave.

Source: NOS, the Netherlands national broadcaster.


* ‘Adventures in Dowsing’

Grahame Gardner’s podcast of that name can be found here:

* New Book by Alanna Moore In Italian

– a translation of Touchstones for Today.

This new Italian language book was published on the summer solstice, 21-6-23.

You can find it here, along with the previous Italian book, a translation of Sensitive Permaculture.

Rocce Energetiche Oggi – progettare l’armonia della Terra attraverso le composizioni di pietra.

ISBN 978-0-6452854-2-0.   130 page paperback in full colour.   Price €20

“Ti incoraggiamo a creare il tuo personale labirinto o cerchi di pietra nel tuo giardino”
Don McLeod, Silver Wheel

Permacultura Sensitiva

ISBN  978-0-6452854-1-3    144 page paperback in black and white.   Price: €18

Progettare un paradiso con la permacultura ed il consenso degli spiriti del luogo, per l abbondanza, la resilienza, felicità dell essere umano, della natura e tutte le creature di queste ed altre dimensioni… questo è lo spirito del libro, che racconta una visione ancestrale, primordiale di sviluppo eco sostenibile in un epoca moderna.


* Alanna Moore’s Documentary Films Go Digital !

Alanna Moore’s Films Documentaries on Geomancy, Vibrational Agriculture, Sacred Places, Dowsing and related topics.

* Geomancy Today (5 Episodes)  €35
*  Earth Care Earth Repair (8 Episodes)  €48
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Feature Articles


A gift of nature offers individual solutions for enhancing our life by scanning & transferring frequencies with special rare crystals

by Ines Schwarz, Germany, July 2023

Mankind is currently facing another stage of evolution. To what extent we can use the entire potential that is available to us humans within ourselves and also through external innovative impulses depends very much on which new insights we can and want to integrate creatively and practically into our everyday lives. Because growth and development are dynamic processes that are in permanent flux, in which we are also embedded.

I recently met Alanna Moore in Germany at the Geistreich event hosted by Nexus Publishing and we got to talking. This more chance meeting was probably a very special coincidence. Alanna, who recognizes and maintains intense relationships with Mother Earth, her entities, as well as certain energy points, initiated a conversation with me – someone who has been technically researching these same types of energies and developing viable ways to expand their use to address our everyday challenges.

Seemingly, these days are more and more about reconnections that can, and even must, be recognized and integrated into our daily lives in a whole new way. Because the challenges, which affect us humans by the new so-called “new technologies” are partly not at all life-promoting.

The consequence of this cannot be that we completely withdraw into the woods. Nature always offers us solutions if we are willing to look deeper and observe and creatively use the great secrets of the energetic flow of life. Today we experience more and more that forward-looking technologies can also be developed specifically to support modern life and can simply be used, reconnecting us with the forces of nature and the earth despite urban living.
What does that mean in concrete terms? Let me tell you something that happened. You may know the old legends about ancient oak trees that convey strength and resilience through their presence. This is not the only reason why these kinds of trees were highly valued in ancient Germania and are still planted again and again or sold by tree nurseries all over the world. For example, several hundred oak trees, already grown large, were delivered from a German nursery to Russia for a new park planting in Moscow. They say – you don’t transplant an old tree, but here these trees were provided with everything in the best possible way and professionally planted in the fall. Spring came and the trees were well in sap, but would not greening and not form any buds.

Somehow, they did not want to connect with the new conditions on site, despite energy-rich specifically oak-typical planting soil was at the place where they were planted. There was obviously some information or some kind of energy that was missing to enable the trees to become integrated into the new environment. If this failed, the park’s landscape architect lamented, more than a million euros would have been senselessly burned apart from other negative effects.

Accordingly, people were open to trying out entirely new methods of tree revitalization. Urban shamans, music and singing children as well as effective microorganisms were used. Nothing obviously brought these trees out of a kind of regulatory rigidity. The despair was great. What could have been overlooked – what was missing?
To make the reader wait no longer for the answer: finally, a miracle was performed without further ado and within a few days the trees began to sprout – all at once – almost as commonly agreed. What had been done?

With our technology the soil of the German nursery where the trees had grown had been scanned with very special crystals and the information had been transferred to the watering water of the trees – even not all trees were watered with it. When the appropriate or rather missing information was again in the new soil, the trees were able to exchange it among each other – the so-called “missing link” was given in order to re-establish a perfect balance with the environment under new local environmental field and vibrational conditions.

Energy input via fertilization etc. alone cannot be the salvation, the appropriate, individually specific information/ frequency vibration for adaptation in the morphogenetic environmental field or in the organism itself must be present, so that a kind of homeostasis – i.e., an individual self-regulation can take place holistically.  This is only one true incident among many similar ones, which shows us how simple it can be, if we take a closer look at the communication possibilities of the energy and information transfer.

We had a tree in our garden, which all neighbors had already written off as dead, because it was massively infested with fungi and other pests and we had already tried everything, including with energy-rich “terra-preta” soil, etc. When we then simply scanned the fungus-infested areas of the tree with our special EIBA-Mac crystals and supplied the tree with the missing information for self-defense and healing via the informed irrigation water, the tree was able to reorganize and heal itself.

The same principle is a general one and is possible with animals and also us humans. Sometimes, due to permanent influences (environment, our own mental programs or external influences), we are not able to call up the power and information for self-regulation – generally securely stored in the DNA of all living beings – when needed. Lack of energy is only one side of the deficits. Today we know, only in balanced interaction with individually specific information/ frequency vibration a reconnection to the surrounding harmonic field of Mother Earth can take place.

Summarized in a nutshell, one can for example –
– scan power places with these special EIBA-Mac crystals and transfer the information to water, other earths, globules, but also to body parts of humans and animals
– scan the information of natural healing springs on hikes and then transfer it to globules or salt at home and then transfer this info again in the urban jungle on the road to the daily drinking water for individual protection with long-term effects
– retrieve and use certain naturally given information fields from the natural EIBA-Mac crystals to transfer them regenerating and strengthening to humans and animals
– individually required information optimized retransferred (remembered) on a sick/ imbalanced organism for the activation of the self-healing forces by a fast scan process of the status quo
– scanning of living flourishing plants in the summer e.g., the dandelion, daisies if it is anchored in the soil – not the harvested plant, which possesses nevertheless no longer all life information fields – and store this info again on salt, globule etc. remaining / storing the info there for the winter or inform your daily drinking water for a gentle liver cleaning with it.
– scan blooming, fragrant roses and inform/free the heart chakra for relaxation and unfolding of the soul power or transfer this info to cosmetics
– scan harmonized information of earthen minerals as well as precious metals (gold and silver) through the crystal in an optimized way and transfer it further for perfect drinking water as a real elixir of life
– maybe scan the ginkgo leaf from a time-honored tree in the park and transfer the then completely stored information in the crystal to the drinking water for optimal mental efficiency.  (seen right)

Well, there are no limits to creativity and inventiveness with the EIBA-Mac.
Now back to the starting point of our considerations – in fact, wonderful technologies already exist that honor and promote life because they are based on natural origins. In our case we are talking about special high-performance crystals (EIBA-Mac crystals), which the earth has revealed to us only recently and which possess very special electro-magnetic, self-regulating energetic properties, which are so far unique in this complex form and divine perfection. These special crystals generate a kind of semiconductor effect, which makes it possible to absorb an unspeakable amount of specific field information (material and immaterial) and to transmit it back at very high speeds, naturally balanced and harmonized by its own inner order.

This kind of rare and very valuable crystals have grown over millions of years in the womb of Mother Earth, were exposed to cosmic meteorite influences and have stably stored the life-promoting information of the all-encompassing evolution of our planet. Now this help is available to us due to newest technological developments of electronic components in a small mobile pocket format.

It will be up to us how we will use these gifts of nature for the well-being of our planet and the entire spectrum of life, present on it for balancing, harmonization and recovery.

This article can only give a first overview of these new highly innovative possibilities. Now it is up to every interested person himself to inform himself further about it for a playful adaptation for one’s specific requirements to generate individual solutions. The EIBA system offers an independent individuality enhancing technology based on natural crystals that work far away from so called “one fix for all apps” or questionable “AI-cloud based solutions” up to forceful “requirements for a permanent online /internet connection”.

If desired by my readers, we will report in the next volume of the magazine (alternatively: in a separate newsletter?) on further possible applications of this technology, on the company itself and, of course, on the specific products.
Anyone who would like to take a closer look at the underlying high-frequency technology and the frequency devices based on it can do so at:

EIBA-Wellness offers readers of geomantica magazine a discount of €100.00 on the EIBA-Mac and EIBA-Vita devices. The discount can be redeemed in the online shop of the website with the coupon code GEOMANTICA100.



Exploring an Irish Royal Site

Hawthorns Blooming

Hawthorns blooming thick in the hedgerows
A cream and pink flecked mantle of joy upon the land
Gorgeously gladdening the hoariest of hearts.

– at the inauguration site of Brian Boru,

the first ‘High King’ of Ireland

by Alanna Moore, June 2023

Brian Boru, a 10th century warrior king in what’s now called County Clare in Ireland, had a talent for subjugating other tribes and extracting tribute from them. His nickname ‘Boru’ is a word derived from the Old Irish word for tribute. He started off being inaugurated in the year 976 as the local tribal chief, or king, of Thomond (there were up to 150 kings at any given time back then).

The site is an unusual setting for a kingship ceremony, being on a low lying mound in a large amphitheatre-like area called Magh Adair, the Plain of the Oak Trees. Usually royal sites are located up high, with sweeping views of the territory. But there are few high points in these parts.

It is apparently signposted from Quin, a village to the south west. But our group of dowsing students approached from the Tulla side and relied on local knowledge to find this important and fascinating historic site, with not a sign in sight. Nor were Oak trees evident amidst the verdant farm fields, but the numerous Hawthorns in the semi-wild hedgerows were putting on a spectacular display of blossoms, the best we’d seen in years.

The royal mound looked to be an enhanced natural hill, flattened on the top and ringed by a deep ditch and tall bank. A stream runs beside it, curiously called Hell’s River, in Irish Abhrainn Ifrinn, reports Cary Meehan in her 2002 book ‘Sacred Ireland’ *.


Further out, the mound is ringed on its other sides by a low, semi-circular ridge, creating the amphitheatre-like effect. One could easily imagine the jolly throng of people enjoying the spectacle, as Brian went through the ceremony of honouring the land goddess and vowing to ensure the fertility of the land, in the ancient Celtic paradigm of divine kingship and marriage with the divine feminine, the local Earth goddess.

Dowsing for any strong Earth energies present on the flat top of the mound, I detected a sign of great import. It was a powerful geo-spiral, an Earth vortex that swirled upwards from under the ground. Maybe it was there first and the site was selected for that reason. We’ll never really know. It could equally have formed as a result of the ritual activities, from the peoples’ focussed energy.

Energetic rings of the vortex were dowsed with various divining tools. At the still centre I found a column of Earth energy rising upwards into the air above, into the network of energy lines in the sky, linking the site into the star-like matrix of ancient site energies and Energy Leys.

In Pat Mc Inerney’s photo at the beginning of this article you can see us dowsing around the centre of the vortex on the mound (I’m on the left). Later we stood in a circle holding hands and did some ritual Earth honouring and chanting for the benefit of the site and its attendant nature beings. Checking the vortex later, it had swollen greatly in size, filling the site with good vibes.

Close by, a bullaun stone intrigued us. The hollow in the top seemed to have been artificially widened. Obviously part of the ceremonial mix, it could once have held libations, sacred drinks – who knows? It is unusual to see a bullaun that isn’t located in an old churchyard. This is probably the first I’ve seen so. No doubt the tradition of using them was much older than christianity and probably the church people gathered them up to be re-purposed, perhaps for baptism. Somehow this one escaped relocation. (Of course, many a church was built over an existing sacred site as well, to explain their occasional presence in old churchyards.)

Ancient sacred sites often have guardians that we sensitive souls need to carefully navigate. In this case they manifested as a herd of curious cows who appeared as we were finishing our visit, hastening our departure.

In the photo you can see the damage that cow hooves have inflicted on the scarred banks of the mound over long years. How will it survive this? Such an important site warrants greater care and protection from erosion. A sign tells us that it is under the care of the OPW (Office of Public Works), but caring is not evident. While remaining as privately owned farmland there is always going to be conflicting interests at work, unfortunately.

But, as the sun shone warmly on the deeply green fields and the Hawthorns provided a splendid spectacle, we could also be grateful that the site hasn’t been commercialised for the tourist euro nor locked away for safe keeping and that we were free to enjoy it as we wished.


* People have asked me to recommend a guide book to the special places of Ireland and I haven’t been able to suggest any, the mentioned book being out of print. However, their fruitless enquiries made me think about writing my own guide book to Irish sites. And so I compile it now.

There are enough websites for megaliths and old churches in Ireland. My forthcoming book avoids these mostly. As soon as possible I will publish ‘The Fairy Haunts of Ireland’ – a guide to magical, uplifting and natural sacred sites, where one can access the ancient spiritual heritage of Ireland and participate in her ever-luminous Otherworld continuum.


Connecting with a Traumatised Landscape

by Heather Colman, July 2023, Australia

Heather describes a challenging experience and her visioning response, during a recent holiday in Victoria. This is an extract from her travelogue. She later wrote a review of the book that inspired her response, published later in this issue of Geomantica.

Steve had to see Arapiles as he’d heard about its great climbing from so many of his friends. The primarily quartzite cliffs were amazing rising up from the surrounding plains. There were lots of climbers enjoying its challenges.

I felt strangely uncomfortable there and wanted to camp elsewhere but it was late afternoon and getting cold and dark…… too late to find anywhere else. I had a feeling I shouldn’t be there and had trouble settling. Around a fire that night the smell of pine resin was intoxicating. I felt unsteady and was careful not to stumble into the fire. I wanted to dance, stamp my feet and sing but no songs rose and I just flapped around. I slept fitfully that night and the next morning meditated to explore why I so was unsettled. What came to me during meditation was that the original people had been herded and gunned down against the cliffs and some of the woman with children huddled down together in the scrub and suckled their babies to keep them quiet. Now a few very large rocks amongst the scrub reminded me of these woman. Some were taken as domestic slaves and others just murdered.

Still feeling uncomfortable, I called a ‘Land Council’ * (for the first time) and included the spirit of the mountains, rocks, land, land guardians, nature spirits all, of air, fire, water, animals, plants and those people traumatised and murdered. They were all hurting in some way, all traumatised. Only the pine trees in the camp site had helped start a healing process, but these too were a little unstable and some not completely well.

All sat in Council together in a large circle, each spoke while all listened. I asked what can be done to improve things. They said they needed ceremony again, for many people to dance and sing, padding their feet on the Earth, deeply connecting and singing songs of appreciation for all. I thought of a traditional corroboree. I thanked all present for being at the land council and they were pleased to be invited, heard and consulted, then I closed the council.

* I was reading Camilla Blossum’s book ‘Sacred Spirits of Gaia: Co-Creating a New Earth with Fairies, Elementals, Ancestors and Spirits of the Land’, at the time. Since I heard about the massacres perpetrated by the colonising British people from the beginning of invasions against the Australian’s First Nations people I have been deeply disturbed by it. There hasn’t been acknowledgement, truth telling, reconciliation, treaties or balancing of inequities. When I read Camilla’s book, where the idea of a Land Council was first introduced to me, I thought it sounded wonderful but had no idea I’d use it till I got the very real feeling of discomfort at Arapiles.


A Biological Antenna Theory for Human Energy Psychology

This is a transcript of an Interview with Steven Guth (now deceased) and practicing German Psychologist Ms Cariann Meyer, in Worms, Germany. The conversation, a mixture of German and English, has been changed into English. Cariann discusses the Antenna Theory with Steven.

C: Your Antenna idea is interesting. Tell me how you first came to be interested in human energy psychology.
S: There are many paths that have led me to this interest. They intersect every now and again. I’ll just touch on the main ones.
S: I studied Psychology at university. Freud took my interest — he fits in with my Viennese family background. I wondered about his unconscious, his Libido, the whole problem of “Drive”. I never found his answers really fitted my Australian cultural situation.
C: So you were unsatisfied with Freud?
S: Yes, towards the end of his life he tried to make things work with the idea of Psychogenic inheritance — I saw the idea of inheriting behavioural change as unworkable.
C: Oh Freud is dated, even though his Psychoanalysis earns much money for some Psychologists.
S: I wasn’t satisfied with the Psychology I learnt at University. But life goes on. I married – a Chinese incidentally (another stream of influence) – and we went to work with Australian native people. I did Community Development and Kathrine (she had studied Sociology) worked with mothers with preschoolers.
This was in the Bush. We had occurrences, events, that couldn’t be explained by the Social Science we had learnt at University.
C: Parapsychological events?
S: Yes. Now, I didn’t realize it but the Aboriginal Elders saw that I was clairvoyant. (This was 40 years ago and there were still ‘clever men’ rather than just ‘respected old men’ about in area where we worked.)
And the Elders set about trying to teach me the basics of their skills. Like all initiates they had an obligation to pass on their knowledge; and there were few natural clairvoyants, in their communities, that had escaped the debilitating fate of alcoholism.
S: So my interest in Esotericism grew from what the Elders had cast in my way. I had a Swiss friend – we spoke German together – who introduced me to Rudolf Steiner’s books … they appealed to me, again maybe because of my Austrian background. Working through Steiner’s material I came to the concept of the Double, the Doppelgänger.
C: Was this the Quantum idea of the origin of all material things?
S: No, Steiner’s ideas were decades away from the formulations of modern Physics.
C: So what you are talking about is the “Shadow”?
S: Yes, Yes, Jung saw it as the ‘Shadow’. But Steiner saw it as a separate consciousness, a sort of monkey mind that enters the human being at birth.
And here you start to get very close to the Aboriginal concepts of being linked to our place of birth — because you and it share a common vibration … a sort of location based astrological determination. Actually the Aboriginal concept is more complex – it’s the place where the mother first feels the quickening and it determines the Totem animal energy that subsequently owns the person’s physical body.
There is an Australian Psychologist Judy Jaka who gets here ideas from an American Fran Nixon, who talks of “Vivaxis”… the point at which our ‘energy’ body is linked into the earth – our sort of individual Mecca point on the planet. The Vivaxis idea is close to the Aboriginal concept.
C: Is it your aim to incorporate the Wisdom of the Aboriginal’s in your formulations?
S: No, that’s not my aim. I think our theories of Psychology are very primitive and don’t allow us to incorporate ideas from native cultures, eastern religious philosophy or even modern science.
C: I disagree. This may be true of Freud but not of modern Psychology, the Psychology of the late 20th century.
S: I don’t want to take in that argument at the moment.
My point is that we base all our Psychological models on a concept of the human being that is tied to the religious philosophy of the Middle Ages.
I believe the antenna theory is a conceptual framework that can help many Psychological theories to work more effectively.
C: Ok.
S: As I said at the beginning of this interview there are many paths that have lead me to my Antenna theory formulations. Another important path was Theravadan Buddhism. There were many others. Trevor Ravenscroft’s book “The Spear of Destiny” tries to explain the Nazi excesses with the Double idea – which fitted into Steiner’s material. I wrote a huge 200 page paper on the Double – it still lives in the bottom of my filling cabinet.
C: So, you arrived at the Antenna theory by a conceptual process.
S: Yes.
C: But, am I right in saying that the Antenna theory is more than just a summary of your reading?
S: Yes, so far I’ve only presented you with summary of my reading.
C: So how did the Antenna theory come about?
S: Because I was having trouble with a lecture series for the Open university on the ‘Double’. I mentioned the Psychology theories, I dipped into the esoteric theories – I did fair job of presenting them. We did action work — client, Double and Psychologist talking and group work. But the class of ten just wasn’t catching the idea. Half way through the fifth lecture I was getting desperate.
Then I had inspiration and I presented my first simple formulation of the antenna idea ..”You see your spine is like this (I drew a FM like antenna on the white board). It picks up signals and they are processed, transformed into information by the white spinal matter” … and the group said “yes” … And you see the skull is like a dish antenna (I drew one) pointing into space and it picks up a different range of signals”…and the group again said “yes”.
Encouraged, I went on. “Our bodies are like two radios (Higher Self and Double) and we process two different sets of incoming information … and our daily consciousness is like a TV screen that constantly plays in front of us.” And again the group said … “yes!”
And I thought “Gee, that was easy, five lectures from Jung to Leadbeater to Monkey … well everything and one simple new idea and bang!”
C: Laughs
S: I decided that I’d hit on a good idea, an understandable model of human personality just by using ideas drawn from our modern ongoing culture.
So I started to develop the model further and attach more ideas to it.
C: ‘Super!”
S: I’ll go on … At this time I was sleeping in a caravan in the bush, in the morning I would get out and go for a walk in bare feet. I noticed that I avoid rocks without looking at or for them. I had an antenna system in my feet, a sort of rock searching radar.
C: “Humm”
S: I’d read in the Aboriginal literature that Aboriginals essentially tracked with their feet. So I came to understand that our lymph channels are a primitive sensing and feeling system. Its brain, its focus, is in the pelvic area – the wet part of the body, the large intestine, uterus in women, bladder, kidneys and so on.
I have come to call this third brain the ‘Jelly Fish’ brain … our lymph channels run tentacle like into the fingers and toes. Imagine bending down and touching your toes. At the upper centre, the Jelly fish head, resides pulsating and blob like inside the pelvic bone.
So, three antennas, three brains – like three mother boards – all interconnected to present the daily TV image to our consciousness.
C: This implies that we don’t have fixed personality, a fixed – in German we would say “Ich” – rather, we are a process, like images on a TV screen (to follow your example).
S: Yes, indeed. And I’ve found that this is why it is so hard for us acculturated Westerners to emotionally accept an idea that appeals so directly to experience and the intellect.
My excitement with the Antenna idea comes because it allows Psychology to escape from the Middle Age idea that we are born with individual personal soul — your German “Ich” comes from this idea and opens up many new ways of looking at everything from education (training and tuning the antenna systems) to esoteric issues like “What is possession?”
Rudolf Steiner was a sincere and competent mystic. I suspect he experienced the three-brain concept — he often referred to our human processes of thinking, feeling and willing. Steiner at his time couldn’t dip into the popular culture and come up with the analogies of antennas, mother boards and multiple processing at the speed of light.
I don’t think that the Antenna model of consciousness is right. The truth is undoubtedly beyond our conceptual ability. But it is a nice model and takes us a long way towards escaping from the conceptual premises on which we base our Psychological modelling.
C: Have you thrown out religion?
S: Yes, except for high level Buddhism in which uses the ‘skull brain’ to experience, to – so to say – live inside the totality of the cosmic universe. Buddhism uses Mudras (hand and finger positions link to chants and visualisations) to ‘tune’ the human antenna systems to make it easy for consciousness to link into places the practitioner wishes to explore.
C: If these things can and do really happen we need to say that time and place are illusions.
S: Yes.
C: So we live in many other worlds at the same time as now?
S: Consciousness is a totality throughout the cosmos. Our Antenna systems makes us points of focus for tiny spectra of universal consciousness. That’s all. Our bodies, our systems lock us into certain frequencies. Then we are further locked in by our education, by our culturally determined programs for processing the inputs we are attuned to receiving.
C: We are in all locations at the same time.
S: Agreed.
C: Exactly.
S: It’s us we are it, a necessary part of the whole. But for better or worse – whether we like it or not – we are locked into our little box — the TV set of our physical body.

Book Review

Sacred Spirits of Gaia: Co-Creating a New Earth with Fairies, Elementals, Ancestors, and Spirits of the Land  By Camilla Blossom

Reviewed by Heather Colman

Camilla shares her spiritual life journey of co-creating with the seen and unseen realms of nature. Part memoir, part call-to-nature-relationship, and part guide to intuitive land rituals. This book is clearly set out and covers 44 sacred spirits that animate all places – lands, waters, mountains, air and fire.

Camilla is about creating relationships with these and other spirit beings. As a land alchemist and voice for Gaia she offers direction for you to communicate and invites you to have a personal relationships with all sorts of spirit beings. I found the book enriching and instructive.

In each chapter Camilla has an illustration of the spirit/being covered and often a communication directly from that being. These I found particularly profound and moving. Camilla then shares her personal connection story with the spirit being and  offers a way you too can connect with the spirit beings. This is done through a rituals that are often guided by the spirit beings themselves.

I was aware of much pain inflicted on the land and many massacres in Australia against First Nations people. So I was particularly interested to create some form of healing around this or at least investigate further. I followed her directions for a Land Council and was blow away with the result.

These ways are needed more than ever to honour land, clear energy, and bring healing, restoration and communication. Camilla invites you to join her in ushering in a New Earth consciousness. As she says ‘we are not here to ‘heal the Earth’, we are here to heal our relationship with Mother Earth’.


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Alanna Moore’s workshops in Europe: near Lake Como, Italy in September 2023. In 2024 – in Germany (south Bavaria and Thuringia in summer), Italy (Bologna region in July) and central Switzerland (September).


ITALY 2023

Northern Italy, Colorina (SO) 23010
September 23 – 24th 2023, 10am – 5pm.

Intuitive Permaculture – practical training weekend with Alanna Moore.

Subjects include dowsing and gardening, tree and landscape energies, Earth acupuncture, map dowsing, Earth harmony, nature spirit dowsing, making a Power Tower for enhanced plant growth, and more!

Fee – €140, or €70 for just Saturday.
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