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March Equinox 2024

The magazine of Earth harmony, via dowsing, geomancy, esoteric gardening & agriculture,
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Geo 88 Contents

Editorial, Letters – Feedback from the last edition; A Dowser’s Life, from David Kennett.
Wildlife exodus from Mt Nardi, New International Coalition against electro-stress – from
Arthur Firstenberg, Future of the ‘Big Tree’ in central Victoria?, The Hum, Iceland and the Elves.

Quote from Geoffrey Campbell, the clairvoyant Theosophist author.

‘The Power of Boron, a wonder mineral!’, by Suzy Keys, Elaine Hollingsworth and Alanna Moore.
‘A Sporting Cushion—An Essential Tool for Geomancers and Seekers’ by Madis Senner.
‘Labyrinth Phenomena’ by Alanna Moore.

Book Reviews
Alanna Moore’s new book ‘Fairy Haunts of Ireland’ gets a warm welcome!

What’s On?
Geomantica training events in Ireland (including Mythic Mountain Tours), Italy, Germany, Switzerland this summer/autumn and in eastern Australia in November/December 2024.



Welcome to another ediiton of Geomantica magazine.

Spring is bursting out here in Ireland. The ground is sodden, the bird song loud and melodious. I’ve just sown a crop of Naked Oats and Onions, soon Potatoes will go in. Warmth is coming, there’s so much promise out there. It feels like a re-birth from the winter pausing of the northern Earth.

I hope the articles in this 88th edition are a good source of inspiration and reflection. Thanks go out to all the contributors. Feel free to offer articles or news for consideration for the next edition, get them in before the end of May.
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Alanna Moore

Feedback from the last edition –

Hi Alanna
Thank you for your newsletter, always awesome to read and hope I can make the Nov 2024 workshop in Aus.  I’m also now a beekeeper of both European honey and Aussie natives so delighted to read the bee article and will be following up on the information you provided.

ps.  Since doing your workshop last year, I have built a “power tower” and it is doing amazing things to the garden and the surrounds.

A Dowser’s Life – Letter from David Kennett

Dear Alanna,

I have now been to Nepal three times where I teach divining at schools, universities and community farming groups. There appears to be an amazing number of applications for our inherent gift. While in Nepal I have divined for the best location for bores. In a very remote village, everyone said there was no way that there would be water where I indicated. So I asked for some tools and proceeded to dig. The comments kept coming so in the end I thought, why bother. Walking back down the mountain, a phone call was received from the farmer, saying he believed me and had dug the remaining short distance to the depth I had predicted and there was a fantastic flow of good water! He was very happy!

Prior to going on any site, I always divine the property remotely on Google Earth, [or even a mud map of the property] to see if there are any trapped souls who could interfere with subsequent divining. They are of people who have not lived their intended life span and have died either from murder, suicide or accident. The suicides are interesting as they are not suicides as we normally think of them, they are almost always young Aboriginal men between the age of 16 and 26 who have committed a crime for which the penalty is ‘to have the bone pointed at them’. I pass them over to God [a word I am happy to use but for some reason that I do not understand, many people feel uncomfortable with.]

The prayer I use is so simple: “I call upon the spirit guides of the deceased person to come and collect them and guide them to you God, so they can find peace and happiness as You see fit.” The result is instant, one is not able to detect them any more, unless one asks where were they.

With my divining I am working out the role of different weeds. It has been observed that they tend to grow in well-defined areas which are clearly specific soil types.  We tend to think they grow well due to the presence of certain elements in the soil – but what I have discovered is – while that is true – more importantly it is due to WHICH ELEMENT IS LACKING IN THE SOIL. This is a paradigm shift in thinking.

On my own property there was an invasion of African lovegrass. [ALG] Using my ‘Circle of Elements’ it was determined that the role of ALG is to elevate the level of magnesium in the soil. So I sprayed an area with Epsom salts – and they all died. They were put out of a job with benefits for other plants. Once the other plants use up all the magnesium, I suspect the dormant seeds will germinate.

I employ the same tactics to determine which element/s is/are missing from a person’s diet. Many are suffering from various forms of arthritis and, if I am able to convince them to take a small amount of boron in the form of Borax each day, they are cured within a couple of weeks. People are brainwashed and fear this remedy as the Borax containers have NOT TO BE TAKEN or POISON written on them. ’The Borax Conspiracy’ the you can find on the net is interesting reading. The pharmaceutical and medical professions are so corrupt.

What is interesting is that after a couple of years, all the ALG that was not treated has also died – so I assume they have completed their task and are having a rest.

Another thing that interest me is the behaviour of antisocial people. It seems most people have ten spirit guides – some of whom can be malevolent. By divining I determine the relationship of them to the person with whom I am working. For example it may be a maternal grandfather so I ask for the first letter of their given name. So far people have exclaimed – “That is right, he was a horrible person.” Sometimes, having got rid of the entity, one can observe a change in the person.

It is hoped my ramblings are of interest.
Best wishes for the year ahead.

David Kennett


Geo 87 News


* Wildlife Exodus from Mt Nardi

Arthur Firstenberg recently reported more about what happened to the wildlife on Mt Nardi, in northern NSW, Australia, as mentioned in previous issues of Geomantica. Mt Nardi, this editor must confess, is dear to the heart. I helped to save this rainforest paradise from being logged over 40 years ago, by joining in the mass direct actions. At one point I had grabbed on tight to a bulldozer and the police only dislodged me by pulling me off it by the hair. Those were wild and wonderful days! Especially as – we won the battle! I later went to live in the now-protected region and learned that the rainforests there have very high biodiversity, thanks to the volcanic soils that are rich in many minerals and promote high fertility. So it’s with sadness that I read of Mark Broomhall’s report.

In 2017, Mark Broomhall wrote a 38-page Report for the United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization including his summary of 40 years of observation of the wildlife on Mount Nardi in the Nightcap National Park, a designated World Heritage Area, where he lived. It has long had telecommunication towers on the summit. Broomhall reported that –

“It wasn’t until the Analogue Era was drawing to a close, along with the advent of digital wireless technology in the years 2002 to 2004, that I began to notice a decline in insect diversity and population. This period was at the back-end of a prolonged nationwide drought and there was much talk of global warming.

“Initially, I attributed the insect decline to these events. I later learnt of ‘mobile phone pulsed microwave technology’ and understood from press reports that this was being installed on Mt. Nardi. This technology is named universally by the industry, the press, and the public at large, as ‘3G.’ With this knowledge, I began to suspect that perhaps something else was happening on Mt. Nardi. At the same time, further additions included Wideband Code Division Multiple Access (WCDMA) technology.

“In the year 2009, enhanced 3G technology was installed and a further 150 pay television channels were added to the tower. Following these additions, I witnessed the exodus of 27 bird species from Mt. Nardi while simultaneously, insect volumes and species variety dropped dramatically.

“In late 2012 and early 2013, with the construction of a new tower in the complex and the introduction of a 600,000-watt generator, the system was upgraded to what became universally known as “4G.” Immediately after, I witnessed the rapid exodus of a further 49 bird species. From this time, all locally known bat species became scarce, 4 common species of cicada almost disappeared, as well as the once enormous, varied population of moths & butterfly species. Frogs and tadpole populations were drastically reduced; the massive volumes and diverse species of ant populations became uncommon to rare.”

Firstenberg commented that “Broomhall’s observations are consistent with thousands of published reports in the scientific literature, as well as a constant stream of informal reports from my colleagues and subscribers that I have been receiving from all over the world for decades — from Spain, from Japan, from Norway, from the Netherlands, from Greece, from everywhere”.

* New International Coalition

Arthur Firstenberg writes – “Global Radiation Emergency is a just-formed coalition of individuals, organizations and scientists on six continents whose mission is to save Planet Earth. Birds are disappearing from our skies, bees from our flowers, insects from our forests, worms from our soils, animals from their dens, and health from our bodies.

“Our coalition will be contacting leaders in science and medicine, directors of environmental organizations, law institutes, government officials, astronomers, universities, religious leaders, and groups representing parents, children and schools. Our website is

The Electrosmog Policy Brief will be our roadmap and our guideposts. The Radio Wave Packet will be a basic tool with which to penetrate the wall of denial, to place wireless technology alongside climate change on the world’s agenda of greatest assaults on life and most immediate threats to survival.

“If you or your organization wants to join our coalition, please send a message to Global Radiation Emergency on the contact page of the website.”
Arthur Firstenberg
Santa Fe, NM, USA
February 28, 2024

Future of the famous ’Big Tree’ in central Victoria uncertain

Extracted from ABC Central Victoria, 3 Mar 2024

The stately river red gum “Big Tree” in Guildford in central Victoria stands at 32 metres high, and is a haven for birds and wildlife thought to be more than 500 years old. It was awarded Victorian Tree of the Year in 2023 by the National Trust of Australia for its “outstanding size and curious fusion of branches”. It stands off the Midland Highway in the village of Guildford, between Castlemaine and Daylesford in Central Victoria. But last weekend, with a mighty crack, it dropped two prominent lateral branches within minutes of each other.
“I thought it was a car crash with the sheer volume of the branches falling,” Guildford resident Jeremy Mead said. “I thought someone had run into the tree. There was devastation everywhere.”… Mr Mead said there were bees everywhere when the limbs fell. “Big bee hives got smashed…People were coming from all over the neighbourhood to see what happened. A couple of sugar gliders dropped out of the fallen branch and ran back up what was left of the tree”.
Dja Dja Wurrung and Bangerang woman Aunty Kerri Douglas rushed to the tree with her daughter as soon as she heard of the damage. She said she was shocked and overwhelmed with emotion when she saw what had happened, and the scene brought her to tears.
“The tree has a lot of cultural significance for us,” Aunty Kerri said. “To see how much of the tree had actually fallen down was quite devastating.”…
Greg Moore, tree expert and senior researcher at Melbourne University, said – “Many of these big river red gums will lose major branches from time to time and will recover quickly and life goes on, as they can live up to 800 to 1,000 years”
Mount Alexander Shire Mayor Matthew Driscoll said the council was in consultation with First Nations people of the region to discuss the beloved river red gum’s future.
“The site has been secured and we are currently conducting a cultural assessment to decide what to do with the fallen limbs,” Mr Driscoll said.

Aunty Kerri said “The tree is a grafted tree. The grafts were created when the tree was young, and it’s like a signpost for us as people, they point to significant places.”
She said local First Nations group Djaara would take care of the massive amount of fallen timber and put it into use in the community.””We don’t want to see the branches chipped and shredded and put back onto the ground,” Aunty Kerri said. “We are going to use a lot of it [the timber] between young men’s business and women’s business to be able to create some of our artefacts.
“Handing down that tradition of culture again in making a lot of our artefacts and tools, from both genders, returning it back to country the way it should be and looking after country and returning our culture to the proud culture that it is.”
The area remains cordoned off to the public.
Full story is here-


* Can you hear the Hum?

It’s an insistent low-frequency sound heard from Bristol to Swansea and ascribed to everything from horny fish to 5G. A low frequency hum, almost a vibration, just on the threshold of human hearing. If you do hear it, you’re among the roughly 4% of the world’s population affected by “the Hum”, a frequently reported, but little understood global phenomenon. The earliest reliable reports of the Hum date from the UK in the mid-1970s, with many from Bristol, where a low rumbling was heard by dozens of residents throughout the city. What began as an irritating if innocuous noise eventually drove many who heard it to distraction, and it was said to be linked to two suicides.
Studies have been conducted and theories proposed, but all without conclusive findings.

Your editor has also come across perplexing places with annoying hum phenomena. I couldn’t hear the hum. In one affected location in a very quiet rural setting I did think it could be linked to the underground stream that flowed under the house, where it was heard by the house owner (only). So it was interesting to see mention of The Hum in the media, at the sites below.

* Iceland and the Elves

It was a bright christmas day 2023 when I flicked on the (English) car radio, it was BBC5 and I got to hear the most enchanting interview ever! A visiting Icelandic woman seer, whose name I missed, was describing the nature spirits she saw around her in gardens as they walked through London’s Hampstead Heath. (Such a magical park, that I loved to visit in my youth when I lived there.) It was wonderful to hear her fascinating descriptions and that these were shared across a public arena, especially on the day of the major christian festival, the supposed holy day that has devolved into being a festival of capitalism. It was a perfect balance for the day!
In Iceland this woman does a bit of ‘elf whispering’ to help people navigate the Otherworld, and she encouraged listeners to use their imagination to develop the perception of it. Softly speaking in halting English, she conveyed great wisdom and integrity. She sounded part elf herself. I was so impressed that I looked up Iceland and its elf stories online. There was plenty to read and so nice to see reports of environmental protection campaigns in Iceland that combined concern for both nature and the elves. Extracts below give a good taste of the strong Icelandic respect for elves.

Saving an Elf Church

“In December 2013, Ragnhildur Jónsdóttir petitioned the Icelandic government. She wanted to stop construction of a road passing through the Gálgahraun lava field outside Reykjavík. The reason? An ancient church lay in the path of the construction. Jónsdóttir believed disturbing it would cause negative, and possibly harmful consequences. For the average passer-by, however, the church wasn’t so easy to spot. Towering spires, stained glass windows, and flying buttresses could not be seen anywhere across the landscape. In fact, there wasn’t a building of any sort. You see, the church was contained inside the volcanic rock and owned by the local elves.” (from – Nicol Valentin 2019 online)

“Viktor Arnar Ingolfsson, publishing chief of the roadworks authority, wrote an extensive report called ‘The Public Roads Administration and the Belief in Elves’ outlining the steps his agency takes to accommodate local concerns about elf settlements and cursed places.”
“Ragnhildur Jonsdottir, a self-proclaimed ‘seer’, believes she can communicate with the creatures through telepathy. “It will be a terrible loss and damaging both for the elf world and for us humans,” said Jonsdottir of the road project.”
“Issues about Huldufolk (Icelandic for “hidden folk”) have affected planning decisions before, and the road and coastal administration has come up with a stock media response for elf inquiries, which states in part that “issues have been settled by delaying the construction project at a certain point while the elves living there have supposedly moved on”.

Quote by Geoffrey Hodson

A clairvoyant English Theosophist famous for writing about the other dimensions of nature.

“The planet Earth is itself charged with currents of golden, liquid life-force flowing swiftly over and under the surface, aerating the globe as it were, or rather infiltrating it with Buddhic life. The lines of force – the word is inappropriate because at these levels there is no stress – form an intricate network which produces the impression of intensely active, conscious life, busily but rhythmically and continuously at work, somewhat like a colony of ants inside its ant hill. The air, too, is similarly filled, and so are all structures and growing things. There is, for example, a suggestion of an individual network within plants, trees, animals, and human bodies, as if each had its own web of life”.

Geoffrey Hodson, from ‘Clairvoyant Investigations’, Quest Books, Theosophical Publishing House, USA, 1984.

Feature Articles

* The Power of Boron, a wonder mineral!

By Suzy Keys, Elaine Hollingsworth and Alanna Moore, March 2024

The importance and power of essential minerals for enhancing human health has always interested me since the 1980s when the Remineralise the Earth movement in America inspired a generation of natural growers who wanted to produce healthy food plants and nutrient rich foods. These ‘Hamaker Co-ordinators’ followed the writings of the late researcher John Hamaker and helped to spread the word of the benefits of remineralisation, while Hamaker’s colleague Don Weaver continues the work.

So when I was told by my friend Suzy Keys years ago to take the mineral Boron to counteract some arthritic twinges in my fingers and to prevent any more, I was keen to try it out. When I did start taking regular doses, the arthritic symptoms went away. As long as I took a small dose each day, there was no discomfort at all. But then a few months ago my supply finished, and I was waiting for more at the shop. In Ireland it’s hard to find any cheap Borax, which is the same thing, that’s sold for cleaning purposes. The bottles of much more expensive pills I had to get were not available and the occasional arthritic twinges returned. Remembering the benefits of taking Boron acutely now, this prompted me to ask Suzy about it again. She related the story of her family experiences of taking Boron, here is her story.

One day I was talking to my dad in his late seventies and he mentioned that his arthritis was so bad it hurt to put his belt in his trousers as he couldn’t twist round to do it without pain. I told him about Boron and sent him a story about it and he went and got a tub of Borax from the supermarket and started taking it each day. Apparently this is an old remedy and that’s how they did it. You just lick your fingertip and dip it in and the suck your finger. It tastes a bit soapy, so a drink of water with it helps.

A couple of months went by and he rang me to say that he had been able to belt his trousers without any pain. He became a huge fan of Boron after that and told anyone with arthritis to try it.

My brother’s wife had arthritis really bad in her hands and couldn’t use them to knit or crochet anymore at the age of 50. So dad got her onto Borax as well and she also improved so much that she could once more knit and crochet. She lives on Flinders Island in Bass Strait and dad soon had other people there trying it as well. However after a while, it lost its potency and the arthritis came back. My brother did a lot of research and decided to add Hyralonic Acid to it and bought some in from USA and this combination worked for her.

My neighbour in Cairns between 2004-2013, Matt started using it for everything, as it cleared  up his skin psoriasis. He used it for shampoo, soap, toothpaste, deodorant etc as it is also a water softener. He began stockpiling tubs of it, in case it was banned or additives added to it, to stop people using it. I’ve got some as well for the same reason and when I travel I always have a container of it with me. I don’t have arthritis, yet my mother was riddled with it. Apparently it’s gradually been getting added to arthritis tablets, although this is kept pretty quiet.

Scientific view
The health value of Boron has not been known about for very long and much has been suppressed – a sign of its effectiveness. It was in Western Australia where its benefits were originally discovered. An article online (‘Escaping the Sickness Industry’) by Queensland health writer Elaine Hollingsworth describes the early days of its discovery.

“During the 1960s, Rex E Newnham, of Perth, developed arthritis. A botanist, he knew that Boron was necessary for calcium metabolism in plants, so he began taking Boron twice daily. In three weeks, all his swelling, pain and stiffness had disappeared. Because of this experience he returned to school and took degrees in osteopathy and naturopathy and earned a PhD in nutrition. Eventually, he was selling 10,000 bottles of Boron tablets per month, curing thousands of people with arthritis.

“Then the drug companies, who earn billions each year on cortisone (which, when taken in pharmacological doses, dissolves bone) and pain killers for arthritis, used their immense influence to change the law so that Boron became illegal in Australia. Dr Newnham was heavily fined, put out of business and moved to England, where he continued helping people…

“Boron helps control bone formation and repair by removing other elements, such as fluoride, from circulation, and by stimulating natural processes. …Boron is a necessary element, both for prevention of osteoporosis and for general health… Boron is richest in vegetables and fruits, especially grapes, apples, dates, peaches and raisins, and nuts such as almonds and hazelnuts. But not in Australia, because of our notoriously depleted soil, where we get little or no boron from food.”

While Boron pills can be bought in many countries – they were outlawed in Australia, however it can be bought in the form of the inexpensive household cleansing agent Borax.

“Dr Newnham told me,” Hollingsworth continues, “when we spoke several years ago that it is safe and effective to use simple Borax powder. He recommends taking 6mg of borax daily, well below toxicity levels. He said that people can simply wet the tip of a finger, put it in the Borax powder and lick it off, twice a day. Cheap as chips and, according to Dr Newnham and several other physicians and naturopaths I’ve spoken to, safe. Dr Newnham says that the toxicity of Borax powder is about the same as for sodium chloride, namely 40- 60 grams is a lethal dose. I use supermarket Harper’s Powdered Borax myself, now, rather than imported Boron capsules…”

“According to Dr Newnham’s research, Boron/Borax is a must for those afflicted by osteoporosis, arthritis, allergies and even SLE (systemic lupus erythematosus). He says that 9mg per day caused great improvement in a patient in only three weeks, with complete recovery later. Please do not take a high dose without a physician’s clearance. It is still not known how many other conditions can be caused by Boron-deficient soil, which is common all over the developed world, due to chemical farming methods. I believe everyone should take this trace mineral as an insurance policy. Better still, grow your own veggies, and fertilise them with Boron to get the ‘real thing’.”

An article on Boron was co-incidentally just published in Caduceus magazine, in issue 110, and it describes something of the scientific understanding of the function of Boron in our bodies. Read it here –

* A Sporting Cushion

—An Essential Tool for Geomancers and Seekers

By Madis Senner

One of my must have tools for my geomancy work, as well as for my spiritual practice, is a rugged sporting cushion that I use to meditate on. I encourage you to buy one. Over time a powerful imprint, or memory, will form on it and if you are diligent and of a good heart an Energy Vortex may form on it as well. This will bring innumerable benefits.
A sporting cushion is a circular padded cushion, durable enough to withstand rain and snow, that people sit on to stay warm while outside. Also called a sportsman’s cushion, a hunting cushion, a fishing cushion and more. I carry one that I clip to my backpack whenever I go to do a survey of a sacred area. That way I have something to sit on and the cushion retains a memory of my previous meditations. So when I sit on it I tap into that imprint of meditation, which helps me get quicker into trance and more importantly deeper into trance. Basically, an imprint of meditation has formed on the sporting cushion that has become quite powerful and gets stronger each time I meditate on it.
Every time we have a thought, or perform an action, we create an imprint or memory. Hindu Vedanta calls an imprint a “samskara.” When we create an imprint, or samskara it attaches to our subtle body. We are covered with them. Unless they are cleared away they remain attached to us and are a permanent record—they are the root of our karma. Imprints also attach to where they were created, as well as to nearby objects.

I have several durable sporting cushions that I have had for years, that I not only carry with me in the woods, but also meditate on when I am at home, or anywhere else. Over time Energy Vortices have formed on all of them. These cushions with their attached Energy Vortices are vital in my work as an Earth Healer. I say the cushions are durable since you want them to last a very long time, because it takes time to build up the memories/imprints necessary to hopefully have them blossom into an Energy Vortex. It is those memories, or imprints, that make the cushion valuable.
I encourage anyone that meditates, or wishes to become an Earth Healer, to buy a sporting cushion and use it for your meditations wherever you go. Over time a powerful imprint will attach to it that will facilitate and improve your meditation—enter into trance quicker and go deeper into meditation and facilitate mystical experiences. If you are diligent and of a good heart, a Natural Vortex may form on it.
A powerful imprint not only improves your meditation, it can give you some protection when you are in a bad space. That is because the imprint on your cushion will be merging with other imprints it comes in contact with as you walk around. While this will give you some protection it will diminish the imprint, that is why it is important to regularly meditate on your cushion to boost the imprint. Electropollution and RF radiation from cell phones can be very damaging to imprints.
A cushion with a powerful imprint may elicit a trance-like state which can improve your dowsing. Secondly, because the imprint on the cushion merges with its immediate environment it may temporarily help clear a lot of the crud of bad memories at a space that can block your perceptions. Thereby helping you better dowse out Earth Energies.
There are many more benefits to working with a sporting, or meditation cushion. If you are on the path, a serious spiritual seeker, meditating on the same cushion over time will greatly help you raise your consciousness. Which, by the way, is a great benefit to being a good geomancer, or Earth Healer.

If you are serious about geomancy and Earth Healing I encourage you to study metaphysics. I have a YouTube Short Video on Sporting Cushions,
To learn more about imprints I encourage you to read my book, Vortices and Spirals, Unlocking the Mystery of Our Dynamic Relationship With Mother Earth. I usually have copies for sale on Ebay. Here is the link

My YouTube page, MotherEarthPrayers, has lots of video’s on Ley Lines, Earth Energies, Stone Structures and more.
Blog is:

Madis Senner, is a former global manager who left Wall Street over twenty-five years ago to follow a spiritual path. He is an Earth Healer and Keeper for several sacred sites, as well as an author. His latest book is Everything Has Karma: Learning to Embrace Our Interconnectedness.


* Power of the Labyrinth

by Alanna Moore, March 2024.

A labyrinth stitched on cloth that came from Mongolia via the local Buddhist Centre has been on the wall of my studio, overlooking the table, for several months now. I sense that it brings a calming influence to the space around it, as well as an archetypal power that brings order out of chaos. It’s good energy for writing, I’ve found. The influential patterning ability could be explained by the influence of morphic fields intrinsic to the labyrinth form that create resonating effects. (Rupert Sheldrake developed the concept of morphic fields.) And I do love it when empirical evidence of such presents itself!

I had the experience of resonant labyrinth phenomena at work recently. It involved water crystals freezing in a lovely pattern directly above my labyrinth. Readers may be familiar with Mr Emoto’s work of creating, in a specific way, amazing frozen water crystal patterns that reflect something of the nature, properties and qualities of the water. Only when water drops were frozen at minus 5C did special crystal shapes appear.

Back last January we had a few frosts below zero degrees and the attic studio windows had a white blanket of ice on them. But then colder nights came and one day it was forecast to get down to minus 5C at night. The following morning I was enchanted to discover a lovely pattern in the ice on the attic window above the labyrinth, reminiscent of a water crystal of Emoto’s. It persisted for a couple of days before finally melting.

This lovely message of patterning reminded me of the subtle power of the labyrinth and the special ability of water to register this pattern by morphic resonance (or – whatever you want to call it!).






Book Reviews

Reviews of Alanna Moore’s latest book Fairy Haunts of Ireland:

“It’s really opened up my thinking as to what and who fairies are. Alanna has a huge amount of knowledge about the energies of the land and the entities and beings that live in Ireland, making this an informative, fascinating and entertaining book.”
Ruth Elisabeth Hancock, author of ‘Work Your Energy’.

“We are in a collective rediscovery of the old stories, silenced by those high up in the church, in the times of everything needing to be ‘proven by science’, and by industry that wants us marching in straight lines not dancing in fields under full moons. Books like this, that merge the history and folklore of the old with the messages coming up out of the land, in these new times are essential”.
Yolande Hyde, author – ‘Soul Evolution’, Australia, 2022.

“I spent one of my no-tech days reading your wonderful book and I could not put it down, it is excellent!I LOVED the book!!!!!”
Melanie Lorien, Ireland

“This is a well written and thoughtful piece of work. All of the photographs and design of the cover were also by the author. Alanna Moore possesses a super-sensitive intuition, which together with her dowsing gift allows her access to the hidden world of fairy folk. She feels attuned to the secret frequencies of nature and ancient ritual sites and explains how their resident spirits, or ‘fairies’, transmit a form of supernatural energy. In the writing of this book the author visited holy wells and sites, discusses Cailleachs, Brigit/Brigid/Brigantia etc and explores local fairy traditions. I like how folklore and mythology is deftly woven through this positive and sincere book. My favourite part is Chapter 3, Irish Goddesses and Gods and their locations. It is animism for the 21st Century. Dive deep and enjoy”.
Rob Vance, in ‘Pagan Ireland’, vol 3 issue 3 spring 2024.

The excellent publication Pagan Ireland is found here –

“Thank you for your beautiful work presented within the Fairy Haunts of Ireland book. Wow! Having only been to Ireland once, I was astounded at my experience of the land and had some really powerful supernatural experiences. I feel it awoke a deeper confidence in my knowing, and was absolutely blown away by my emotionally and energetically charged encounters at the sacred sites of Newgrange, Hill of Tara, and Rathcrogan Mound”.

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– Bookings:

** Wednesday November 20th – one day workshop at Bemboka, NSW


** 23-24th Nov 2024 Towamba, NSW – weekend workshop

– Bookings: Leo phone 0402503642 email

** Friday November 29th, 12.30pm

– lunchtime book launch with Alanna Moore at the Theosophical Society, Melbourne.

** Saturday 30th November 1.30 – 3.30pm

– Alanna Moore’s presentation at the Theosophical Society, Melbourne.

** Sunday December 1st

– one day workshop at the Magpie Centre, Upwey, Melbourne.
Bookings: George Neo –

**Wednesday December 4th

– one day workshop at Frankston, Melbourne.

Bookings –   Phone 040 281 7701

** December 7-8th

– weekend workshop at Coles Bay, Tasmania

Bookings – Jane

** December 14-15th





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