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Film series by Alanna Moore

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An exploration of geomancy in Australasia and beyond, through the eyes of dowsers and clairvoyant researchers, who provide fascinating insights, as well as demonstrating their methods of correcting stressful energies and fostering environmental harmony.

Available on 3 DVDs only, with 2 films per disc (parts 1 &2, 3 & 4, & 5).
Price per disc: €15 $AUD25.
Price for the full series on 3 DVDs: €35 $AUD60

Part One: Megalithomania
Part Two: Divining Earth Harmony
Part Three: Discovering the Devas
Part Four: Helping the Devas
Part Five: The Sacred World of Water

Praise for the Geomancy Today series:

“I think this is the third Film Series by Alanna Moore that I have reviewed, and each one is better than the one before, and the creative qualities of Alanna and her film crew are coming through. The photography, camera work, the editing, and the music that occasionally stirs the spine, are all very good. The gentle voice-over is appealing and appropriate, almost meditative, moving at a pace that allows the words to sink in and be comfortably understood and assimilated. The Geomancy Today series is an excellent presentation of the basics of what is being discussed. The  quality of information and balance of sources is excellent and interesting. These are not magazine edits but well thought out presentations, crammed full of information… To sum up then, I find that Alanna Moore’s films are unique, individual and idiosyncratic. They are almost the documentary equivalent of the Japanese poetry form of haiku; short and focussed, with every component being Very Important. You have to concentrate, almost meditate, as you watch. I can only repeat that if you like visual imagery and verbal guides, then these films are an enjoyable way to take a break from the written word. If you seek stimulation, inspiration, or even a starting point for your personal spiritual quest, then you may well find that nugget in one of Alanna Moore’s films.” – Jilli Roberts, Pagan Times, Spring 2006 .

“The film series focuses on geomancy (Earth energies) from the perspective of clairvoyants and energy dowsers. This DVD will be of interest to those who like to investigate the spiritual planes of the New-Agers, and it will be enjoyed by pagans who want to experience a visual journey through the history and development of the gods and goddesses. You’ll also enjoy the views of various sacred sites from around the world.” – Domhnall, Silver Wheel, Pagan Alliance, South Australia.

Part 1: Megalithomania

32 minutes
Megalithomania looks at our fascination with stone circles and standing stones. It was filmed in Ireland, England, Australia and New Zealand. The unfolding history of the revival of interest in ancient British megaliths is described, starting at that largest of stone circles at Avebury. See also The Stone of Destiny in Ireland and stone circles and passage graves at Carrowmore, on the west coast, which date back to over 7000 years.

From antiquarians and astro-archeology, to energy dowsing (dowser/author Tom Graves giving a demonstration), and from the scientific to the folkloric, the enigma of the stones unravels. Why were people creating calendars in stone and what was the significance of lunar eclipses? What of alignments and ley lines, nature spirits and Earth energy networks? The film offers insights on many levels, through the eyes of several geomancers.

Crossing down-under, it visits natural stone megaliths in Australasia and contemplates the geomantic understandings of place there. We get to touch upon some geomythology at a legendary stone – The Navigator, on a beach in New Zealand; and then see the iconic Nimbin Rocks, in northern New South Wales (Australia), the haunt of the hairy Nimbinje spirit. We learn of the fate of the stolen Devil’s Marble in the Northern Territory (- there’s a happy ending there.)

Aboriginal traditions and sacred space are being revived in many parts of Australia, and we get to see an Aboriginal teacher with his didgeridoo taking students on a “trip to the Dreamtime”, at an ancient Aboriginal meeting stone near Melbourne.

In central Victoria we meet Maura McCabe’s backyard healing stone and join in with a respectful ceremony of approach with geomancers Junitta Vallak and Billy Arnold (both deceased since), at the Touchstone, which marks the entrance to an important sacred site – the mountaintop location known as the Rock of Ages, near Maldon, home of a pair of Rainbow Serpents.
Gain a sense of the Dreamtime, the timeless qualities of sacredness of place. Discover some successful techniques of Earth healing in England. And get inspired to make your own small stone circle. You too can have a sacred focal point in your own back yard!

“Megalithomania looks at the stone circles in England, Ireland, Australia and New Zealand… and it’s nice to see images of famous structures such as the Stone of Destiny at Tara in Ireland and the stones that surround the village of Avebury. Significant, natural formations in New Zealand and the Nimbin Valley are shown, as well as sacred stones of Central Australia. Touchstones are explained (the place where you respectfully introduce yourself to the spirits of a sacred site) and Alanna also shows how to create modern stone circles that can enhance the energy of an area, and attract nature spirits… It will encourage you to create your very own labyrinth or stone circle in your backyard.” – Don McLeod, Silver Wheel, Pagan Alliance, South Australia.

Part Two:Divining Earth Harmony

39 minutes
From feng shui to modern urban geomancy, this film spans a wide spectrum of geomantic styles, starting with ancient origins in China. Five geomancers in Australia then describe their work and Earth healing experiences, and demonstrate methods to counteract environmental energy stresses (such as geopathic and electro-stress, traumatised landscapes etc).

Tim Strachan (dec.), an urban geomancer in Sydney, talks about how he discovered the problems of environmental energies, through his natural therapies work. Patients, in some cases, were not improving until this factor was addressed, he found. Tim surveyed devices on the market to alleviate the problem and went on to develop his own (‘Energy Store’) product range.

Shirley Loats then describes an Earth healing experience in country New South Wales, prompted by a wave of suicides in a district. She clairvoyantly saw a change in energies in the process and reports the subsequent end of the suicide ‘epidemic’.

In country Victoria Tony demonstrates his unusual method of Earth acupuncture that involves ordinary house bricks, at a friend’s home where he found geopathic stress. Frank St John in Brisbane explains some of his techniques, developed over many decades, using blink dowsing, charged water for energy neutralisation, etc.

Lastly, Wynelle Delaney in Perth (Western Australia) describes her philosophy and style of radionic healing, where household energies are diagnosed and harmonised remotely. The energies of inhabitants too must be assessed and balanced, she says, for wholistic healing of both to be possible.

Part Three: Discovering the Devas

34 minutes
An introduction to the real, other-dimensional world of nature spirits (also known as devas), and the gods and goddesses that have evolved along with humankind; including interviews with people who describe fascinating clairvoyant observations of them, see paintings illustrating them; and view the technique of dowsing for the devas. Filmed at amazing locations in Australia, New Zealand, England and Ireland.

“The word Deva comes from a Sanskrit term meaning shining ones, and in broad terms, Devas are thought of as nature spirits. This film is an introduction to the realms of these ethereal beings, and it looks at deity too. In India, Devas are thought of as gods, but in the West, we tend to regard the nature spirits as elemental beings – guardians of the land. This film includes a section on finding Devas in the city environment. An evaluation of Canberra’s Parliament House brings the pronouncement that it is “full of them!” And we’re told that an entity that looks like an octopus, but which “may well have come from another planet”, hangs around the corridors of the House of Representatives. … Much of this film is devoted to an exploration of the gods and goddesses of ancient Europe. Time is also given to a description of the Green Man, and plenty of his images (built into various forms of architecture) are shown including one in Dunedin in New Zealand. Lovely representations of the Green Lady are also very welcome features on this film.” – Domhnall, Silver Wheel, Pagan Alliance, South Australia.

“In this film, Alanna takes you through the history of Devas and their equivalents, in many cultures, including Aboriginal Australia. The inclusion of Aboriginal spiritual beliefs in this film is another strong point of the whole film series and injects an understanding for the viewer of some aspects of these beliefs which may not have been there before. As in previous films of the series, we also see interviews of national and international people who have experience of working in the area under discussion, in this case, communication with Devas, visionary artists and dowsers… All round, this film is a delight, and gives you the feeling of being part of a Whole, of swimming in a cosmic balance, and tantalises the viewer with the discovery that our eyes do not necessarily see all that is to be seen.” – Jilli Roberts, Pagan Times, Spring 2006

Part Four: Helping the Devas

26 minutes
In Sweden the fairy realms are still much respected and a group of dowsers there have been devising ways to help the devic, other-dimensional beings from suffering the ravages of electro-magnetic fields that threaten their existence. Find out about their work with trolls and the like when Alanna Moore interviews them and we get to see a workshop group attuning to amazing Swedish stone circles and sacred centres.

Part Five: The Sacred World of Water

38 minutes
Explore the many curious characteristics of water and it’s traditionally sacred dimensions. See how people still honour and care for it’s sacred being today. Traditions of spiritual connection with water are echoed in a modern day ritual to honour and bless a river and oneself.

Nature spirits associated with landscape waters also feature. Finally we get the low down of how to approach water divining with a spiritual, eco-ethical attitude, for sustainable and harmonious outcomes from a master dowser in Adelaide. Filmed in Australia, New Zealand, England and Ireland.

“In The Sacred World of Water, Alanna looks at the characteristics of water, and the ways in which people are still honouring its sacredness. In many ancient creation myths, the gods emerged from the waters to create life, so it’s not too surprising that water is seen as an important link to spiritual purification. Sacred wells from around the world are shown, and their properties are explained. The connection between water and the Aboriginal Dreamtime is also explored.” – Domhnall, Silver Wheel, Pagan Alliance. South Australia.

“This DVD is almost a Ritual, it has lovely sounds and pictures, Alanna narrates her material and has put a lot of time and effort into this production. Fine shots from around the world , of powerful nature spots, animals and their sacred aspects, and the Green Man, shots of this figure from all over the world. If you are interested in Earth Healing, Geopathic Stress, Devas of the Home and Land, and all that stuff, then I recommend this material.” – David Baird, Dunedin, New Zealand.

“This film takes you on a fact-filled journey, this time through some of the myths and legends associated with the water Element in human consciousness, from yin/yang to homeopathy. No in-depth explanations are given, just the brush of a butterfly wing on each topic, a door blowing open to invite your imagination and personal quest. But, as always, you are made aware of the connections between many cultural manifestations of thought on the same. Our histories are burgeoning with the stories of how humans have interacted with the spiritual aspects of water. Here you are shown a variety of some of these: purification rituals, the persisting legends around wells, springs and aspects of The Great Mother. The legends of mermaids from different cultures, flit through the script. Scottish silkies represent the British water Fey, and their relationship with humans is glimpsed in a fleeting chorus of The Silkie folksong. There is so much depth to all of these areas: follow your quest. Rain making ritual is shown, a modern blessing with water, and above all we are shown examples of how human culture in the past and present has given honour to this particular Element. Dowsers make an appearance again, of course, and the overall theme of this film is the need to respect and care for this Element which makes up about 80% of our personal space and communal space.” – Jilli Roberts, Pagan Times, Spring 2006.

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