White Swan Dreaming CD


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White Swan Dreaming –
original songs by Alanna Moore

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White Swan Dreaming –
original songs by Alanna Moore,
June 2019.

CD Price – €15.
Listen to the songs at Bandcamp, see below.

Be transformed on a sacred journey to the roots of Irish culture, through dreamy scenes emerging from lavish soundscapes, in places haunted by tapestries of memory.

Alanna’s twelve songs celebrate homecoming and explore Irish roots and the rich pre-Christian heritage of place. For this Australian singer/songwriter of Irish descent, also a professional geomancer, the parallel pagan paradigms of both countries still hold currency today.

Like a migrating swan returning home, she traverses geo-mythic landscapes and dives deep into the Irish Dreamtime, soul-full realm of the Other. Bypassing the spin on St Patrick, she pays homage to the energies and spirits of place. Seeking the serpents of Earth wisdom, their forces still pulsing under the surface, she celebrates the joyful pagan heart of Irish society. Embracing Ireland’s gods and goddesses, she connects into their life-promoting powers, through dream images and inspiration from actual encounters. The result is a feast of diverse dishes that explores Ireland’s indigenous cultural wealth and the beauty, heritage and sanctity of its fertile landscapes.

From the Iron Age to the Celtic Tiger boom-time, Alanna’s songs also reflect on the changing ethos of modern times. New myths arise as the Irish countryside is plastered with empty “ghost estates” that are a “concrete hell, stained red with fungus”. But mostly, the 52 minute album is joyfully uplifting and, in visions seeped in hope, Alanna’s songs gently point us towards a more sensitive and positive world.

Mostly folk songs, with a little jazz and psychedelic rock opera in the mix, Alanna sings the main vocals and plays keyboard, the lush instrumentation includes fiddle by world famous Tola Custy and cello, guitars, flute, double bass, drums etc, by local musicians. Recorded and produced in County Leitrim, Ireland.

You can freely listen to the songs online at Bandcamp, where you can make purchases of single digital tracks or the whole album. (But you will not get the sumptuous CD package including awesome artwork, plus book of lyrics, if you opt for digital!)
The link to Bandcamp is HERE.

Reviews of White Swan Dreaming –

“A beautiful selection of her own melodies…In the lead song White Swan Dreaming she describes returning to the homeland and how it brings a deep sense of belonging to her, almost too hard to put into words. She sings of summer days, sacred trees ad endless green – the powerful experiences of Ireland. A warm hearted Celtic album.” – Richard Giles, Nexus magazine Oct. 2019.

The Songs

1. White Swan Dreaming 5.00
2. Endless Green 3.54
3. Brigit’s Here 4.57
4. Lammas Fair 3.34
5. Lord and Lady of the Corn 5.06
6. Sacred Tree 5.16
7. Blue Willow 4.27
8. Leitrim Summer’s Day 2.32
9. Ghost Estates 4.38
10. Guerillas Planting 3.16
11. Meadowsweet 4.39
12. Sacred Land 4.00


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