Geomanticas No.s 11 – 15


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Issues 11 – 15 (63 A4 pages)


Contents of Geomantica 11
Autumn Equinox, March 2001

Page 2 Editorial
Page 2 Letter: The ‘Dowsing Challenge’ – a Fraud. Another Sceptic Association so-called challenge with 52 dowsers participating at the Mitta Mitta Muster. Letter: Helping the Kangaroos – Gil Robertson’s thoughts on factors influencing kangaro populations.

Page 4 New Standards for Description of Food Quality, by Gil Robertson. High quality food that can be produced with natural and energetic methods needs to set a new standard for production.

Page 5 Custodianship at Bibaringa, by Steven Guth (a follow on from his piece in Geo 6). High on a mountaintop overlooking Canberra, Steven forges ever deeper connections with the land and interacts with the local devas. The family puts on a dance party – ‘Bubblecode’ – that resonates with the primal undertones of the place.

Page 8 Our Farming Methods are Killing Us, by David Kennett. – What’s wrong with modern agriculture? Lots!

Page 9 The AURIA Project, by David Kennett. Dave has a vision to plant trees on degraded land.

Page 9 A Dowser’s Life – Sandy Griffin interviewed by Alanna Moore. Taught by his Irish water diviner father to find water, he found himself in Tamil Nadu, India, helping turn around the fortunes of an orphanage cum coconut farm by finding an excellent water supply. Sandy also specialises in finding leakage points in dams.

Page 11 The Concept of Boundary and its Application to Energetic Agriculture, by Gil Robertson – Radionic broadcasting of energies to crops needs careful consideration of where to draw the line on its effects. Gil describes ways to make a ‘Boundary Witness’ in order to keep one’s work neatly within one’s boundaries.

Page 13 Stone Age Farming – new book reviewed. Upcoming Talks & Workshops on dowsing, geomancy, paramagnetism and Towers of Power by Alanna Moore; news of an upcoming Feng Shui Conference, in Canberra, on March 25th with an interesting bunch of speakers and topics.

Contents of Geomantica 12
Winter Solstice, June 2001

Page 15 Mad Cows and Rock Dust – Pat Coleby writes about the real reasons for Mad Cows and gives us a warning about potential dangers of overdosing on minerals and the need for soil tests.

Page 17 Geomancing the City by Alanna Moore – a visit to Tim Strachan. Geomancer Tim works in Sydney and talks about his experiences and insights, including some case studies. He reports of dowsing for the ‘Mary and Michael Lines’ in the UK (as per Hamish Miller’s discoveries)

Page 19 News from the Electromagnetic Radiation Alliance of Australia. Latest news from overseas inc. UK has finally linked leukemia with EMFs for the 1st time, plus new Australian Senate Report.

Page 20 A Dowser’s Life – Dowsing in India – Sanderson Griffin
continues his story. This time he tells of dowsing the Round Towers in his native Ireland and more water divining adventures in India.

Page 22 Opals and Divining – Alanna Moore gets opal fever in Coober Pedy, where around 90% of miners will use dowsing to find indications for good spots to dig for opal. There is a long history of dowsing and mining, and Alanna also touches upon map dowsing and the equivalent faculties in the animal world in this paper.

Page 26 Stone Age Farming Book Review by Gary de Piazzi.


Contents of Geomantica 13
Spring Equinox, September 2001

Page 28 Celebrating Aboriginal Dreaming in Central Australia
Alanna Moore travels to Alice Springs to celebrate the Caterpillar Dreaming with local Aboriginals at the biggest ever corroboree – the Yeperenye Festival.

Page 30 Hindmarsh Island Update – what’s happenning with this Secret Womens Business’, the legal battle to save sacred sites at the Murray Mouth in South Australia?

Page 31 In the News: Agricultural Radionics – the Weekly Times (Victoria) interviews a radionic farmer. Archeological dowsing in northern England finds the goods.

Page 31 Charles Curtayne – Energy Worker in Victoria by Alanna Moore, who interviews Charles about his inventions, sacred geometry pieces, space clearing work and more.

Page 32 Meandering around Native American Mounds – American dowser Lee Barnes describes the ancient mound monuments he dowses and the energies he finds.

Page 36 Earth Acupuncture – Experiences and Musings – Alanna Moore writes of some case studies of neutralising noxious energies and how a Power Tower may also be used for this.

Contents of Geomantica 14
Summer Solstice, December 2001

Page 38 Editorial

Page 41 In the News: US Biodynamics goes Purist – the reaction to energy farming in orthodox biodynamics.

Page 41 EMR News: Draft ‘protection’ standards in Australia allow for 2 – 4 times more radiation exposure, a win for industry.

Page 42 Meeting a Remarkable Diviner – Kevin Heitman, by Alanna Moore, who interviews the maverick wheatfarmer, dowser and healer in Western Australia.

Page 45 Angels & Devas of Parliament House – Dr Geoffrey Campbell describes the devic beings he sees clairvoyantly around Canberra’s Parliament House and what they get up to.

Page 47 The Giant’s Dance by Steven Hawkins – who explains the origins of the Tarot and how Stonehenge was built as an Orrery (illustrated) to predict eclipses of the Sun and Moon. The Tarot also has calendrical functions.

Page 51 An Esoteric Eye on Canberra by Steven Guth – who writes about the geomancy of Canberra, describes a deva of ceremonial on Anzac Parade and explains how angels make themselves Angel Houses, geometric forms as described in CW Leadbeater’s books.

Page 53 Devas and Power Towers by Alanna Moore – who writes about Billy Arnold’s observations of the building of Power Towers, which bring great
excitement in the devic realms, and passes on tips for improving their effectiveness.

Page 54 Book review: Nature Spirits and Elemental Beings by Marko Pogacnik. Page 55 Book review: Homa Farming for the New Age by Jarek Bizberg.
Page 55 What’s On: Geomancy Workshops.

Contents of Geomantica 15
Autumn Equinox, March 2002

Page 57 Letters: ‘Surprised at our Success’ – German geomancy website.
Page 57 Dowser Interview: Earth Acupuncturist & Innovator in Victoria.

Page 59 Gundagai Earth Connection Weekend by Steven Guth.
Exploring the energies of Gundagai with a group of geomancers and a local Aboriginal elder. Lifting the lid on the Dog on the Tuckerbox, doing creative visualisations and finishing with an impromptu corroborree on an ancient Bora ground.

Page 61 Earth Attunement Workshop, report by Alanna Moore – Exploring what is the nature of a sacred site? The legacy of mining scarring the land, a weeping Earth spirit and a local Nature Temple, the Rock of Ages, plus a poem. The Rock of Ages Touchstone is featured on the cover.

Page 63 Olympic Fire and Water – Australia Re-Creates Integrity/Wholeness/Unity, by Richard O’Neill – When the Sydney Olympics began, the Earth spirit Wandjina was its iconic emblem. O’Neill promotes singing up the land as a fabulous way of connecting to the land and nature.


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