Geomanticas No.s 46 – 50


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Issues 46 – 50 (56 A4 pages): 2010 to 2011


Contents of Geomantica 46
October 2010

Page 2 Editorial – Life in the Lucky Country.
Letters – Re-wilding Permaculture (USA) and Tower Power Plants Powering!
Python Press News: Books now more widely available around the world.

Page 3 In the News – Irish Leprechauns gain EU protection. Well, the ones that live on a mountain on the Cooley Peninsula in County Louth have. Meanwhile Alanna visits the ‘Leprechaun Museum’ in Dublin, as in the cover pic.
Page 4 Hazards of Energy Efficiency by Alanna Moore. Is the drive for
sustainability making us sick, from untested-for-health energy efficient products?
Page 5 ‘Smart Meters’ – weapons of mass irradiation in the biggest experiment on public health ever dreamed up! The birds and the bees hate them too!
Page 6 Wind Power – Giant turbine worries. DIY small turbines – no worries!
Page 7 Australian Permaculture Convergence – September 2010, Nth Qld, – Alanna Moore gave a presentation on Sensitive Permaculture.

Feature Articles:
Page 8 Mother Earth is the Key to Our Spiritual Evolution by Madis Senner, USA. Mother Earth Responds. Trouble in the Field. Our Soul Mate. Building a Bond. Become an Earth healer!

Page 9 Will Humanity Awaken and Give Generously to the Earth in Time? by Don Weaver, California, Don muses on saving the world with soil remineralisation (adding crushed basalt to crop soil, for example) and calls for heroic Earth regenerators to restore the planet. (He co-authored The Survival of Civilisation with John Hamaker in the 1980s.)

Page 10 Book Review – Sensitive Permaculture by Alanna Moore. Reviewed by Linda Marold.

What Was On? Geomantica talks and workshops were held in Australia in 2010: Victoria (October – December), Tasmania (October), Nth New South Wales (November), SE Queensland (December).

Contents of Geomantica 47
December 2010

Page 12 Editorial – Change is in the air. New women’s course, where the Mucklerocks here (pictured on the cover) is an Aboriginal women’s sacred site.
Letter: Praise for Geomantica.
Page 13 News: Living Architecture Centre relocates to Victoria. Peter Cowman brings a whole new way of thinking to Oz!
Interconnectedness Study, Saving Bulahdelah Mountain (NSW).
Page 14 Research into Lost Knowledge Organisation (UK). British Dowsers Podcast. Transitioning to a Loving World without Oil. Ireland beseiged by Ghost Estates – Alanna has a new song about it, up on YouTube.
Page 15 Technostress pages – Your Mattress as a cancer-causing radiation antenna and a way of reducing electricity in the body. Ced Jackson offers tips.

Feature Articles:

Page 16 The True Power of Peat by Alanna Moore – Around 100 years ago Rudolph Steiner foretold that peat plants from bogs would have important role for humankind in the future. Now that time has arrived! And from insulation to cosmetics and healing and more – peat has great powers!

Page 18 Physics in the Age of the Megaliths by Miroslav Provod – New knowledge about static electricity resulting from his 20 years of research into ancient megalith monuments, static electricity, auras and ether. Praise for Eric von Daniken’s writing on megalithic remains.

Page 19 Book Reviews – Sensitive Permaculture – reviewed by Jai Cheswick, who warns of ‘McPermaculture’. This book is an antidote to the rote learning / application of permaculture!

What Was On? January – June 2011 workshops were held in Victoria, Sydney, Malaysia, Far North Queensland.


Contents of Geomantica 48
February 2011

Page 21 Editorial
Letters: On Peat, Regenerating the Earth, Wind Tubines.

Page 23 EMR News – From smart meters to body scanners. Organic Schools! South Hill, Sacred Mountain.
Planet Saver Tips – Getting real about our eco-impacts.

Feature Articles:
Page 24 The Wishing Wheel by P Neilsen – An experiment in magneto-psionic transmission (akin to radionics).

Page 25 Greenspin and Eco-Village Madness by Alanna Moore – Are eco-villages always ‘eco’? Alanna discovers some inconvenient truths in Ireland after a visit to the much touted Village in Cloughjordan.

Page 27 New Knowledge of Energy – The Rows of Kounov by Miroslav Provod. The most mysterious site in central Europe (in the Czech Republic) with several hectares of forest covered with stone rows, as in the cover photo.

Page 28 What Was On? Geomantica Events were held in Victoria March – May,
Kuala Lumpur in May, North Queensland in June, Sydney in July.

Contents of Geomantica 49
May 2011

Page 31 Editorial – Permaculture design to prepare for climatic extremes!
Page 31 Letters – Feedback on GREENWASH article
Keen on Radionics. Fracking!!?!?
Page 31 In the News – The High Cost to the Earth of Meat
Page 33 Spirit Houses – a new course with  Peter Cowman (cover pic is one).
Page 34 Permaculture Pioneers – new book – Alanna Moore is one of them!
Organic vs Conventional Agriculture – 20 year study results.

Feature Articles:
Page 34 Energetic Agriculture by Alanna Moore – A long, definitive article that was commissioned by Lapis News (Asia) and translated into Chinese. Sustaining Farm Soils and Human Health. Good Reasons to use Rock Dust. Cultivating ch’i /energy. Geopathic zones. Towers of Power. Spirits of nature. Cultivating Good Geomancy. Talk to your Plants! Cosmic Influences. Spiritual Earth Care. And much more!

Page 39 Book & Film Reviews
Disconnect – Mobile phones, EMR and the story of its insidious takeover of the
airwaves. Well written, gripping tale. A must read!
Page 40 The Force – the latest book on EMR by Lyn MacLean. Anastasia & The Ringing Cedars book series. Questionable new-age spirituality and Spiritual Permaculture film – More of the same.

Contents of Geomantica 50
September 2011

Page 42 Editorial – Eco-energy & building courses on the menu. Website is 10 yrs old!
Letters: Hill of Allen, Malaysian Stone Circle feedback.
Page 43 Woes of Wifi. In the News: – Indian Vastu Pyramids Trialled on Roads
EMR News: 4G Roll-Out: Phone Radiation goes up a Notch; Flax for Anti-Radiation
Honey Bees and Techno Stress; Compact Fluoro Lights are Carcinogenic, new Study Shows; RF radiation & Neurotransmitters
Page 45 Geomantica in the Media: The Sacred in Permaculture on You Tube.
Maddy Harland of Permaculture UK magazine and Alanna Moore interviewed.
Page 46 Alanna in The China Daily, Malaysia; Ecosalon runs with Irish eco-village story.

Feature Articles:
Page 47 Carbon Farming Looks to a Bright Future
Just what is carbon farming?? An introduction extracted from the Carbon Farming Handbook. (Alanna gave a presentation for the Carbon Farming Conference held in Dubbo – on Energy Farming.)

Page 48 The Stone Serpent – Alanna Moore discovers what is one of Victoria’s most significant stone arrangements (cover pic). Dowsing by Sandy Griffin and Alanna has revealed something of the energetic and spiritual dimensions of the site.

Page 50 An Altar Can Transform your Garden – Madis Senner (USA) explains why, how and where to do it.

Page 52 Experiences with Wifi – Musician Steve Miller (UK) describes a society where technology has gone mad!

Page 53 Planet Saver Tip – Request wifi & mobile phone free environments and help to stop EMFs from wrecking our environment!
Book Reviews – The Pinnacles – a natural experience.West Australian poet and ex-Power Tower farmer Gary de Piazzi has produced a poetic treat! The Comfort of Water – a River Pilgrimage – Melbourne’s Maya Ward takes us along on her epic and lyrical journey to the source of the Yarra River, weaving indigenous and white history with personal unfolding.
Page 54 Newgrange and the New Science – Ireland’s Kieran Comerford leaves no stone unturned in the quest for meaning of this
ancient and iconic monument. (It includes references to the workshop with Alanna where he learnt about Irish Round Towers.)
What Was On? Geomantica Events, a sample of the many workshops and presentations that were held.


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