Geomanticas No.s 36 – 40


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Issues 36 – 40 (65 A4 pages)


Contents of Geomantica 36
August 2007

Page 2 Editorial – difficult times for Aboriginal people in Australia.

Page 2 Letter – Conceptual Geomancy, a response to Geomantica 25 article;
Page 3 Letter – Wi-Fi madness – why we shouldn’t go down that path.

Page 3 New book: The Wisdom of Water – Alanna Moore’s latest geomantic look at the world explores from water mythos to water divining, ‘new’ water that’s generated underground, the state of water in Australian landscapes, and much more!

Page 4 In the News: Change of heart for forestry; Sentience of animals; Firing up the Grid Event, July 17th; Free film at Fountain International; Hill of Tara update.
Page 5 Wollemi Stone Circle project update; More reasons to eat organic.

Feature Articles

Page 6 The Shrine at Coogee, by Tim Strachan. An urban geomancer discovers this modern sacred site in a beach park at Coogee, Sydney and dowses his way around this vibrant, mystical spot.

Page 7 Dowsing and Healing, by Ced Jackson. Ced, a professional dowser and feng shui consultant in Malvern, England, discusses varying approaches in health
diagnosis and energetic healing work. Pic of Ced by the venerable White Leaved Oak.

Page 9 A Visit to Papunya, by Billy Arnold. Billy was invited to visit the famous arts community of Papunya in Aboriginal central Australia with a part time teacher who made regular trips there. Billy discovers this land of Honey Ant Dreaming, including landscape spirits that are known by name by the Papunya elders he befriended. They nicknamed him ‘the spirit man.’ Fascinating insights and Billy’s last contribution to Geomantica.

Book Reviews
Page 11 Treading Lightly – the Hidden Wisdom of the World’s Oldest People, by Karl-Erik Svelby and Tex Sculthorpe, 2006. A collaboration between a Swedish academic and an Aboriginal elder that is an excellent introduction to Aboriginal culture, their ways of ‘story’ telling, understanding the multi-layered meanings of parables etc. It even involves dowsing! An enlightened approach.

Page 12 The Melbourne Dreaming – a guide to the Aboriginal places of Melbourne, 1996. This is a great book for people wanting to make pilgrimages to sacred sites eg the women’s initiation grounds (also known as bora or earth rings) at Sunbury are great to visit and dowse the Earth’s serpent energies at!

Contents of Geomantica 37
November 2007

Page 14 Editorial – full of stories from recent European geomantic teaching tour.
Page 14 Letters – Power Towers, a South Australian farmer gets results.
Page 15 Eco Architecture gets a boost in Australia – with the arrival of Peter Cowman.
Page 16 Womanspirit – Alanna Moore’s new course, for women only.
Page 16 Power Towering in Ireland – Power Towers are really taking off in Ireland – the land that provided their original inspiration!

Feature Articles:
Page 18 Call of the Sheltermaker Gene – Peter Cowman introduces his living architecture to Australia. Our homes should provide a nutrient in our lives, he believes.

Page 20 Energy of Tibetan Monasteries – Miroslav Provod makes an energetic discovery in relation to sacred bells in temples.

Page 21 The Knights and the Apology – Alanna Moore has a curious connection with the past and the Knights Templer, who have finally just received a papal pardon after 700 years of persecution.

Page 22 Obituary: Frank Moody – that well known geomancer of North Queensland and long time Geomantica correspondent, dies aged 104, leaving a rich legacy of dowsing and energy work.
Page 23 Book Reviews – The Wisdom of Water – Sue Bussell, of WA’s Natural Resonance Study Group, writes some salient points about why you would want to read and re-read this new book by Alanna Moore. Funny photo sent in by a reader of an Irish Round Tower.

Contents of Geomantica 38
February 2008

Page 25 Editorial – a St Brigid’s Day edition, with a distinctly Irish flavour.
Page 25 Letters: Tower-rific news! – another farmer with excellent results from erecting a simple Tower of Power. Biodynamic rain making success, Eco-populism.
Page 26 In the News: Biological farming gets a boost; Saying sorry, at last! to Aboriginal people; Living your Architecture tour by Peter Cowman; New Geomantica Films: Saving Tara and Helping the Devas.

Feature Articles:
Page 27 Harvest Deities in Ireland – the Dark God Crom, the Sun Goddess and their Corn Maiden Child, by Alanna Moore. Almost forgotten, ancient Irish agricultural cults flavour the ritual landscapes of the author’s own ancestral County Limerick ‘Dreaming’.

Page 31 Architecture and Identity – House design from the inside, by Peter Cowman, who discusses the wisdom of vernacular architecture and what we have lost when we mortgage our lives for someone else to do it for us.

Page 34 Stones of Power – A different approach to understanding logan stones, by Miroslav Provod, who explores the mysteries of balancing rocks in the landscape.
Page 35 & 37 2 Book Reviews of The Wisdom of Water, Alanna Moore’s latest book, reviewed in two other publications, plus a photo of the book in the window of the British Society of Dowsers shop in Malvern, UK.

Contents of Geomantica 39
April 2008

Page 39 Editorial – Getting married this month!
Page 39 Letters – Praise. New Geomantica film – A Thirst for Ireland.

Feature Articles
Page 40 Back to the Sidh, by Bogdan Nowakowski, Sweden. A remote viewing voyage, geo-mythos of an Irish sacred mountain, the Hill of Allen, the geomantic indications and ugly physical reality. However its primal mythic character may have been undermined by road-base quarrying, it is still available to sensitive perception, as Bogdan sees it.

Page 42 Candles and Copper Wire, notes by Laurie Adamson
A Western Australian dowsing guru describes his discoveries in dowsing and some of the tools and techniques used by WISALTS consultants, who have been successfully reversing soil salinity over there for more than 50 years.

Page 45 Traffic Accidents and Energetic Factors by Miroslav Provod – Ever wondered about inexplicative accident zones on roads, or why people in road rages go berserk? Miroslav Provod is thinking that energetic factors onsite may be a contributor.
Page 46 Book Review: Roseline Deleu’s Cartoon Guide to Easy Steps to Feng Shui. Photo: Alanna Moore deviceless dowsing at a sacred site in central Australia.

Contents of Geomantica 40
November 2008

Page 48 Editorial – 10 years of publishing Geomantica! Letter – geomancy group formed in NZ.
Page 48 In the News – Animal magnetism, confirmed by satellite images.
Page 49 New book (CD/e-file only) by Alanna Moore – Water Spirits of the World Planet Saver Tip – shun meat!

Feature Articles:
Page 50 The Impact of Power Towers on an Australian Dairy Farm – report by Joan Evans, Victoria. Great success in animal health and behaviour, crops and electromagnetic pollution are reported.

Page 52 Divining the Dreaming – an introduction by Alanna Moore. – What do geomancers do and what was it about St Patrick and the snakes? (originally written for Irish new age magazine Network Holistic).

Page 53 Agnihotra Site Activations in Poland by Parvati. (‘Orion’ speaks thru her.) With photos from Alanna’s dowsing workshop at Bhrugu Aranya, renowned Agnihotra farm in Poland, with Parvati and the Polish water scientist featured on the cover (at a holy well, with orbs).

Page 56 The Sacred Springs of Malvern – a dowser’s observations, by Alanna Moore, who visited there on the weekend of the annual well dressing festival, with lovely photos of decorated wells, and insights into the geo-mythic nature of this charming area.

Page 58 Gympie Pyramid? – a field report by Gary Dean, who visited the site, on the Sunshine Coast of Queensland, recently. An intriguingly mysterious site, very destroyed, but photos show curious artefacts found there and not all is lost!

Page 60 3 Cells vs Capacitors, New Pieces of Knowledge, & New Knowledge of Cancer, articles by Miroslav Provod.
Page 63 Poem: In Honour of my Power Tower, by Shamarie Flavel
Page 64 Book Reviews: Guide to the Feng Shui Compass by Stephen Skinner. Excellent information, as usual from Skinner!
Page 65 The Wisdom of Water by Alanna Moore. Sacred Geography by Marko Pogacnik – excellent read, at the cutting edge of geomancy!


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