Geomanticas No.s 31 – 35


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Issues 31 – 35 (77 A4 pages)


Contents of Geomantica 31
Autumn Equinox, March 2006

Page 2 Letters to the Editor: Rock dust results

Page 2 In the News: Aboriginal heritage may not be strengthened in Victoria after all.
Page 3 Auria – a scientific perspective
Page 3 Agnihotra & Sacred Site Activation
Page 4 Magnetic north pole drifting fast

Page 4 Two new Geomantica films available now! Discovering the Devas and The Sacred World of Water now complete the Geomancy Today film series

Page 5 Feature Articles:
New Water for a Thirsty World, by Morad Eghbal, USA – Could Earth generated water save our thirsty country from drought and ease the stress on our water ways?

Page 6 A Healing Process Using Earth Energies by Carlos Palicio, Mexico. A simple technique for healers who can dowse for Earth energies.

Page 7 Australian Aboriginal Rock ‘Art’, Ritual & Songlines by Alanna Moore – Exploring the possibly oldest global traditions of geomancy via markings on stone, as on the cover (being carvings at the Aboriginal site of Ewaninga in central Australia). What has been said or recorded of their purpose and origins? What do dowsers say?

Page 8 Pyramids by Miroslav Provod in the Czech Republic. Musings on mysterious structures and subtle energies found associated with pyramids in various parts of the world.

Page 9 Book & Film Reviews Pagan Times review of Magic of Menhirs book & Megalithomania film
Page 10 The Wave by Dr Jude Currivan.
Page 11 Stone Circles – A Modern Builder’s Guide, by Rob Roy.
Page 11 What’s On? Events in Australia & Beyond in 2006: What sort of workshops are on offer?

Contents of Geomantica 32
Winter Solstice, June 2006

Page 13 Editorial – affirmation of a sacred site here at Muckle Stone!
Page 13 Letters: Earthquakes & Energy Lines, Trees of Wisdom. Tree Poem.
Page 14 Greener Pastures – about the need for rehydrating Australian landscapes.
Page 15 EMR News: Phone tower /cancer fears; animal effects; cordless phones; the new 3G phone network. Water News – a possible conference…
Page 16 Primary Water Definition by Rob Gourlay; No Need for Dams, by Maureen Brannan. Underground river dowsed in Tasmania.
Page 17 Rainmaking in Victoria; Day of Love & Thanks to Water, Emoto.
Page 18 Soil Salinity Science Mythbusters – The groundswell for change has made it to the TV! Geomantica Magazine in the National Library!
Page 19 Obituary – Dr Jocelyn Townrow. Tips to Save the Planet.

Feature Articles:
Page 20 Java, the Ring of Fire & Queen of the South Seas – Alanna Moore checks out a divine watery being of geo-mythos in Indonesia. From sacred mountains, to earthquakes and oracles, showing that indigenous Javanese animism continues today.

Page 22 Touch the Earth – An Aboriginal Workshop – Sue Bussell describes a wonderful experiential workshop in Western Australia that she attended, led by a local Aboriginal elder and organised by the Natural Resonance Study Group.

Page 24 A Neurobiology of Sensitivity, by Michael Jawer, USA – Dowsers and geomancers are sensitives, and this gives some background.

Page 25 Antics & Physics, by Miroslav Provod, sen & jnr, Czech Republic. Thoughts on ether and energetic raster.

Page 26 Creation Does Not Stop, by Sergei Skryabin. What is time? Palm reading, Kata Juta and the evolution of shapes.

Page 27 Book/Film Reviews –  New films on Devas & Water, The Revenge of Gaia by James Lovelock, My Geomythical Journey by Australia’s Anne Stewart Saunders.


Contents of Geomantica 33
October 2006

Page 30 Editorial – drought and water divining.

Page 30 Electro-Magnetic Radiation – eggs cooked by mobile phones! Breast cancer epidemic at ABC TV studio. 4G phones = worse radiation!
Page 31 Other News: Unearthing Pyramids in Mexico &Ukraine; Thornborough Henge – neolithic ritual centre discovered in Yorkshire ;
Page 32 Amazon ‘Stonehenge’ & Black Earth for sustainable crop growing. Mining Australia’s Dreamtime in the Northern Territory.
Page 33 Ancient Aboriginal Site found; Bloodline of the Celts; Planet Saver Tips.
Page 34 Song of the Waters Ways by Alanna Moore, for water blessing ceremonies.

Feature Articles:

Page 35 Australian Crop Circles Surprise & Update by Richard Giles. Yes, they have ‘cropped up’ at Conondale in south east Queensland.

Page 37 A Visit to the Weeping Madonna by Alanna Moore. The cover pic shows the Mary statute that weeps rose smelling tears. It’s a grace filled phenomena that has helped to heal a dysfunctional Aboriginal community in the Northern Territory.

Page 39 Cosmic Energy Versus the Aura, by Miroslav Provod, sen & jnr. Starting from classical Greece thought, the Provods explore concepts and observations of energetic space, including effects of megalithic monuments such as menhirs, dolmen and ziggurats.

Page 43 Orion People and The Earth Mars Connection – Sergei Skryrabin explores similarites of shapes between these planets and muses on geological mysteries of Uluru.

Page 44 Book Review: The Earth Path, natural magic by American witch Starhawk, reviewed by Sonya Wallace.
Page 44 What’s On in 2006/7 – Alanna embarks on her ‘world tour’, teaching and lecturing in New Zealand, Ireland, UK, Europe…

Contents of Geomantica 34
February 2007

Page 46 Editorial – still focused on water and a new book on the subject coming soon.
Page 46 Letters: Love Letter to our Planet on Valentine’s Day; Aquifers and Groundwater Nitrate Pollution.
Page 47 Letters: Homeopathics, Geopathic Stress and Nitrate Pollution – from an Irish homeopath; from a farmer in Taiwan
Page 48 Letter: Agnihotra, a Muddy dam and the Brix Test, from Janet Millington
Page 49 Lorraine & Geoff’s Labyrinth Event; Laurie Adamsoon on Cloaking; EMR News – will you survive your Mobile Phone? ABC TV breast cancer epidemic update
Page 50 Protecting the Burrup – area of great Aboriginal rock carvings significance.
Page 51 Githabul people of nth NSW & sth Queensland get their land back! New book on Water – almost out! Planet Saver Tip from a Scottish promoter of volcanic rock dust.

Feature Articles:
Page 52 Deeply Connecting to your Land – Alanna Moore provide some clues.

Page 53 The Bull and the Echo – Ciaran Graham (president of the Irish Diviners Association) describes a case study of a cranky bull, an ancient geo-mythic site and curious energetic landscape connections in Ireland.

Page 55 Soil Fertility Management in Australian Agriculture by Maarten Stapper. Extracts from a Talk Presented at the 3rd OFA National Organic Conference, 22 -­ 23 July 2006, Darling Harbour, Sydney. The road to sustainability is organic!

Page 60 Reviews – Ley Lines – the Greatest Landscape Mystery, Land of Flowers, Your First Steps to Feng Shui.
Page 61 Film reviews: Discovering the Devas & The Sacred World of Water;
Page 63 Dark Sparklers – Australia’s first book on Aboriginal cosmology, by Hugh Cairns, reviewed by Alanna Moore.

Contents of Geomantica 35
May 2007

Page 65 Editorial – some relief from the long drought.
In the News: Saving Tara – The M3 freeway is threatening a sacred centre for royalty and geo-mythos in Ireland.
Page 66 Down Under Labyrinths – a report to an international conference by Lorraine Rodda. Wollemi Standing Stones Project by Kelly Curtis in NSW.
Page 68 Maarten Stapper doesnt leave CSIRO quietly!
Page 69 Vale – John Pannon, radionic farmer of Horsham, Victoria.
Making ‘The Secret’ Happen – Rain Day / May 8th rainmaking event.
Page 69 Planet Saver Tip – New GM wheat trial seeking submissions before approval.

Feature Articles:
Page 69 Living – or Surviving- with Geopathic Stress, by Ciaran Graham, Ireland. A general overview on the subject of energetic stresses from the environment, and, following on from Ciaran’s article last issue, the unusual effect of ‘echos’ due to a wall of energy rising out of the ground (an Earth energy breathing hole).

Page 71 Conceptual Geomancy – A Nine Point Reality Check, by Alanna Moore. How do you know if a geomancer is connecting to the ‘real thing’, or if systems of thinking are getting in the way? Alanna opens up a coversation…

Page 74 Geomantic Tour of Tasmania – Alanna Moore describes her recent trip, including visiting hot springs, wilderness areas, gigantic trees, magic mountains, places of the heart, Tasmanian Aboriginal culture…

Page 77 Book Review: The Water Dragon – a classic Chinese text book re-translated and interpreted by Stephen Skinner in Singapore. Wiradjuri Dreaming film reviewed – indigenous culture re-discovered in NSW.
Page 77 What’s On? Geomantica workshops, talks and courses are next happening in – Australasia and Europe.


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