Dowsers Down Under


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DVD film by Alanna Moore

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100 minutes of interviews and dowsing demonstrations by seven dowsers around Australia. Hear about water and gold divining experiences; see the graveyard where the graves of Ned Kelly’s bushranger gang were discovered by dowsing; watch an Earth acupuncture neutralising job; check out beautiful opals and find out about divining for them in Coober Pedy; find out about soil dowsing and blink dowsing too.; see map dowsing being done with a divining rod; watch a professional health dowser at work in Perth (Wynelle is called “the fastest pendulum in the west”!)

Praise for Dowsers Down Under:

“Thanks goodness someone is continuing research and promoting interest in the fascinating practice of dowsing…This video, made by Alanna Moore, is really great. You get to see seven of Australia’s respected dowsers, including Keith Levy, Sandy Griffin, Ross Henderson, Bill Raines and Dave Kennett. As you will see, dowsing is not just confined to finding water. It is being used to determine soil mineral/pH balances; to find precious ores and stones; to detect and remedy ‘Earth radiation’ and geopathic stress; to select locations for planting; and even to lo- cate graves! If you are interested in dowsing, then may I strongly suggest you get hold of this video; it is very informative.” – Duncan Roads, Nexus magazine June/July 2002.

“This video will be excellent to help beginners learn from top teachers and also interesting for those who would like to see other peoples’ methods and successes… It is also a wonderful social history document.” – Natural Resonance Study Group, March 2002 newsletter.

“This really is a tremendous video.” – Dowsing Society of NSW, 2002.


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