Sensitive Permaculture


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Sensitive Permaculture – cultivating the way of the sacred Earth
by Alanna Moore, 2009.

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ISBN: 978-0-9757782-2-7
136 page A5 paperback, with 20 black and white photos.

Latest News August 2022: Italian language edition now available!! (Specify in the note when buying.)

This book explores the living energies of the land and how to connect with them via gardening. Drawing on indigenous wisdom from Australia, Ireland and elsewhere, it combines the insights of geomancy and geobiology with eco-smart Permaculture design, offering an exciting new paradigm for sustainable living. Brimming with practical tips for eco-spiritual gardeners, it encourages us to live sustainably in harmonious co-operation with Nature and to practise sacred custodianship of Country.

Alanna describes how to undertake a sensitive analysis of land capability in order to co- creatively develop a harmonious permaculture plan. Nature spirits are a dynamic force in the landscape, Alanna has discovered in her life of professional dowsing experience, travel and international teaching. By pendulum dowsing and meditative attunement she finds exactly where these beings are stationed and can thus avoid disturbing them. She explains how eliciting nature’s help in the garden and co-operating with the resident fairies can foster harmonious feng shui and the growth of giant juicy vegetables, as well as nourish our own inner, spiritual gardens.

Sensitive Permaculture focuses on an energetic, loving approach to sustainable land planning and when we connect to the sacred dimensions of life our activities can become positively life-affirming and joyful.

Contents of Sensitive Permaculture:

Chapter 1: Sacred perspectives
The sacred landscape. Diminuation of ‘resources’. Living traditions. Animism.

Chapter 2: What is permaculture?
Final frontiers. Permaculture design. Eco-spiritual approach.

Chapter 3: Slow living
Slow cooking. Slow down. Living slow. Still mind. Slow get around.

Chapter 4: Sustainability and Dreaming
Sustaining our dreams. Sustaining Earth’s Dreaming.

Chapter 5: Earth awareness, self awareness
Colonisation Unwelcoming lands Learning to listen

Chapter 6: Assessing land capability
Path of Least Effort. Ethics of site selection. Recovering land- scapes. Patterns of influence. State of the soil. Soil dowsing. Soil aeration and initial planting.

Chapter 7: Geobiology and geomancy
‘Hungry grass’. Geomancy & Earth dragons. Planning with the fairies. Feng shui. Confirming the best home site.

Chapter 8: Sensitive site analysis
Connecting to the Dreaming. Microclimates. Survey the wildlife. Trackways. Vegetation mapping.

Chapter 9: Harmonising your space
Balance of the elements. Sacred relationships with nature. Haunt- ings and emotional debris. Earth acupuncture. Altering energy patterns. Honouring spirit beings. Troubles at boundaries.

Chapter 10: Co-operating with the land
Loving the land. Deva gardeners. Dowsing in the garden. Problems with metals. Curvy gardens. Keeping dragons happy. Zone Five fairyland. DIY sacred sites.

Chapter 11: Permaculture on a low budget
Getting livestock. Soil improvement. Getting plants. Trading energy. The waste resource. Free stuff.

Chapter 12: Sensitive earthworks
Preparation for earthworks. Dam building. The aftermath.

Chapter 13: Pollution and transformation
Liquid waste. Urine in the garden. Humanure. Devas and compost.

Chapter 14: Dealing with pests and weeds
Slow weeding. Below the radar. Less pests in polycultures. Biodynamic approach.

Chapter 15: My Irish summer with the fairies
Discovering the land’s magic. Fairy warning. Preparation for earthworks. Magic flower crop. Crone deva. Re-aligning the fairy pass. Building blessings. Dark lord of the fields.

Chapter 16: Restoring the woodlands
We want natural woodlands! Sacred trees. Plant sacred groves.

Chapter 17: Living energies of the household
Imagine. House spirit. Building biology. Living Architecture.

Chapter 18: Seeding an eco-future
Save our seeds. Cultivate good energy. Celebration and thanks.

Praise for Sensitive Permaculture:

“The day my copy arrived of Alanna’s book ‘Sensitive Permaculture’ I lounged under a tree to have a read. Well, even just the first page made me think and then question all I had done to date and many more Permies like me I have met worldwide doing the same…. In my Permaculture Design Course teaching I now include the other half of design thinking under the 4th Ethic, ‘Care of Spirit’ [and] I use this book now as part of day one to provide a balance between straight science over thinking and nature. I suggest you read this book with an open mind and heart and see what might happen for you. Thanks Alanna for changing the last ten years for me.” – Peter Russell (‘Pete the Permie’), 2020, Melbourne, Australia.

“[The book] draws on indigenous wisdom from Australia, Ireland and elsewhere as it explores Earth lore and the traditions of nature-based spirituality, while offering loads of useful tips for eco-spiritual gardeners. Intriguing, practical and full of passion and wisdom, this book follows on from where Moore’s Stone Age Farming left off.” – Slow Magazine, Australia, Feb. 2010.

“An adventure in magical and practical Earth awareness.” – Nexus magazine, Australia, March 2012.

“A very practical and thoughtful guide for the eco-spiritual gardener, bringing awareness to the invisible dimensions of our landscape.” – Rainbow News, New Zealand, March 2010.

“It is a delight to have read ‘Sensitive Permaculture’. Thankyou for your words of wisdom.” – Callie

“You have made permaculture so easy and alive—and sweet.” – Joy, Taiwan.

“I really enjoyed the book and found it hard to put down.” – Celia Leverton, Permaculture Association of Tasmania

“Lovely book!” – Morgana, Pagan Federation, Holland.

“Once again Alanna Moore has published a book that combines practical knowledge with a completely unselfconscious spirituality. Her seamless combination of these two elements make her book unique in an area that is largely dominated by the strictly secular. Sensitive Permaculture might surprise some folk who have come to understand Permaculture as an entirely material undertaking, but for those who include it as part of their personal spirituality it will be a refreshing delight. Alanna has spent a life time researching and practicing the art of Geomancy, ‘assessing and balancing the subtle energies of places’, and in this new book she turns to Permaculture, also a lifetime interest. Her ’Eco-spiritual’ approach to the basic ideas and parameters of Permaculture leads one into a new way to view our landscapes, opening up a sight of the invisible dimensions of the countryside. Her absolutely calm and unselfconscious references to the spirits of nature and their relationships to the practice of Permaculture draw the reader into a new view of what is possible. To find someone who can speak of dowsing at one moment and give you a design for a slow cooker at the next, who can advise on vegetation mapping and tell you about the best way to contact garden devas, is a wonderful experience. And for those who have only ever seen Permaculture as a kind of glorified garden guide it will be a revelation. Alanna Moore is a prolific writer, and all her books are packed with amazing, practical and thought provoking information, free of waffle and padding. Her international reputation as an expert in all fields she writes on is richly deserved.” – Linda Marold, Victoria, Australia

“Those involved in steward- ship of the land, especially permaculturists, sustainable gardeners and designers would do well to read this book. Many practitioners new to to permaculture will quite naturally follow ‘McPermaculture’ principles, what they have been taught. They will read a book and do a course and consequently their practice can become rote rather than experiential. Conversely in this book Alanna acts as a role model to follow ones own inner guidance. She opens a window into her very personal world of sensitive work with devas, fairies and Earth energies enlightening and entertaining the reader with numerous accounts of sensitive permaculture techniques which she has trialled and developed herself. She shows us that working with the land involves self-awareness and inner sensitivity and requires a deeper level of experience of the landscape than the basic cerebral one most of us employ in our decision making processes. Her stories, which embrace her life in both Ireland and Australia share co-creative techniques as they relate to designing, constructing and harmonising the landscapes and gardens in which she works and which work for her. She Dreams with the Earth, harmonises living spaces, improves the soil, re-aligns fairy passes and develops her own DIY sacred spaces. Its all great stuff ! For some, Alanna’s work may be a smooth development of their own inner guidance while for others it may come with a bang from left of field. Either way this book is well worth a read and will be a reference to go back to over time.” – Jai Cheswick (Landscape Architect), Melbourne, Australia.

“Self-described animist and geomancer Alanna Moore covers much more than permaculture alone in her seventh book. While she has great advice on the ethical design of sustainable culture, she also shares an energetic, loving approach to sustainable land planning, acknowledging the nature spirits that provide dynamic force in the landscape. Moore divides her time between Australia and Ireland, and so has wisdom to impart from the indigenous traditions of both lands. Informing her approach is the idea of sacred custodianship of country, which puts a spiritual perspective on such things as assessing land capability, selecting a home site and designing a living home. Moore is as comfortable with devas and fairies as she is with dealing with waste and pollution, pests and weeds. Read about harmonising your space in line with natural energies, co- operating with the land and its creatures, building sensitive earth- works and creating a permaculture paradise on a budget. Moore explores the Green Man concept and shows how we can attune to the spirit of our own household as well as save seeds for a sustainable eco-future. Her book is an adventure in magical and practical Earth awareness.” – Nexus magazine, Feb / March 2012.

Readers comments –

“I am an agricultural graduate and am currently working on a biodynamic permaculture farm. My dream is to run a Community Supported Agriculture farm myself someday (soon!) and to do so I wish to work in symbiosis with any energetic presences on my chosen land. I was first introduced to the existence of this subtle realm by your book ‘Sensitive Permaculture’ and am so glad that I stumbled across such an amazing wealth of insight!”


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