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An exploration of Global and Australasian Geomancy
by Alanna Moore

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An exploration of Global and Australasian Geomancy
by Alanna Moore

1994, 2nd edition 2004.
ISBN: 0646217003
232 B5 240mm by 170mm pages, with black and white photos.

The Earth is alive, conscious, sacred and pulsing with vital forces!

This book presents these subtle energetic and spiritual dimensions to the environment ­and our sacred relationship with it. It looks at a range of perspectives, from Aboriginal and Maori traditions, through to the ideas and work of modern Earth mystery researchers and dowsers globally. With an Australasian bias, it has relevance for Earth stewards everywhere.

The comprehensive contents include a global geomantic overview, the problem of geopathic stress / Earth rays, aspects of Earth energy dowsing, sacred site awareness and the devic dimensions – the consciousness of landscape; with several geomancers contributing their own personal insights into geobiology and the spirit of place.

Praise for the 1st edition of Divining Earth Spirit:

“This book is a classic for anyone wanting to get involved with Earth healing. It contains information by the bucketload . . . The research that has gone into this book is incredible and no doubt will stir you into wanting to use it yourself.” – Radionics Network newsletter vol 2 no.6 (Australasia).

“As a skilled dowser and Earth healer, Alanna writes from a depth of experience. The information is clear, concise and comprehensive . . . Its information is important to all people looking to a future of human survival on Earth.” – Glastonbell journal, vol 5 no 4, Bell, NSW, Australia.

“Love of the topic clearly shows, as Moore brings clarity and a sense of the necessity of personal involvement and engagement with the Earth… The author has sought out all the issues of importance and incorporated them into a straightforward exposition which is invigoratingly free of waffle and padding. It is the perfect introduction to the topic and even veterans of the genre will discover facts and ideas not covered in larger volumes.” – Esoterica magazine no. 4, 1995, Brisbane, Australia.

“A masterpiece!” – J Rowse, Oxy-Life Clinic, Brisbane Australia.

Praise for the 2nd edition:

“A compelling and powerful introduction to geomancy, and Moore herself is an excellent guide…And best of all, [she] has linked to the landscapes of Australasia and offers us the thoughts of westerners who speak within the same spiritual ethos of sacred landscape as the indigenous populations… This book is an excitement!” – Jilli Roberts , Pagan Times magazine, summer 2005.

“It is the most comprehensive reference book of its kind. The author has been involved in dowsing for more than twenty years, and she is an acknowledged expert in this specialised field of research… This is a valuable reference book for anyone with an interest in sacred sites and the world’s subtle energy fields. And it has opened my eyes to the variety of Earth energies that one can explore through geomancy – thank you Alanna!” – Don McLeod, Silver Wheel magazine, Pagan Alliance, South Australia.

“Earth mysteries is very much a European phenomenon, born from its particular matrix of history and culture. The equivalent of e.m. in other parts of the world takes other forms more specific to local circumstances. Alanna Moore here presents what is essentially a gateway book for antipodean geomancy and includes material that aims to build a bridge between the pragmatic Australian approach and more traditional European perspectives. An interesting selection of topics.” – John Billingsley, Northern Earth magazine 101, Spring 2005.

“A heavy weight book on geomancy from Australia’s leading geomancer… A riveting read.” – Gill Hale, Feng Shui News, summer 2005, Feng Shui Shui Society UK.

“A comprehensive, mind expanding resource. It is not a dowsing textbook, nor is it just about ‘facts’, prolific though these are. A strong current of maturity, spiritual awareness, and responsibility towards the Earth flows through its pages… [It] is meticulously researched, moving through successive layers of material with ever-increasing perception. We become engrossed in Aboriginal social and cultural realities, wander through enchanted deva lands, follow Moore to important ceremonial centres, and encounter unexpected visions… Moore is a professional. She has worked for years visiting and healing damaged sites and, by extension, the entities that call them home. Her dedication to the land is unmistakable. What she has to say about geobiology and electro-biology is of paramount importance to every single person on this planet… It is always a privilege to touch base with the ‘points of light’ who are committed to the wellbeing of our planet. By whatever name Earth keepers are known, Divining Earth Spirit is about energy – subtle, magnificent, cosmic energy. Its visible face is the environment. Its hidden dimension is our human relationship with Earth herself, seen and unseen entities who live there, and the universe to which all belong.” – Gerry Shepherd, Vitality magazine, Toronto, Canada, June 2005.

“Alanna has compiled a massive collection of fascinating information on the Earth energies and spirits from around the globe. I was only able to read the book in short segments, as I needed time to digest the information before going on to the next part. This inspirational work is conveniently divided into six parts with the chapter headings and paragraph headings all listed at the start of the book, so that it is easy to refer to any segment.” – Sue Bussell, Natural Resonance Study Group newsletter, Jan 2005

“Open the doors to Earth energy awareness and healing with this book, you’ll be glad that you did.” – M Duncan for Insight magazine, Brisbane, Australia.

“I really enjoy your books, especially Divining Earth Spirit, I found it really inspiring. I also like that you write so much about both Aboriginal and Irish dreamings, as this resonates so strongly with me being a first generation Australian brought up with a strong connection to my Irish heritage, and also to have respect (and connection) to the original inhabitants and spirits of this land.” – A reader in Brisbane, Australia.


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