Power Towers Weekend

IRISH ROUND TOWERS & POWER TOWERS weekend with Alanna Moore

August 27 – 28th 2022
A weekend with Alanna Moore in Counties Leitrim, Cavan and Fermanagh, Ireland.
Suited to beginners and experienced percipients alike.

Workshop deposit of €50.
Saturday 11am

Energy Dowsing and Power Towers
Learn the ancient art of Water Divining and a modern application – Energy Dowsing. Discover the millennium old Round Towers unique to Ireland. In 1992 Alanna Moore was a student of American professor Phil Callahan, who revealed the invigorating benefits that these towers (that some call ‘Paramagnetic Antennae’) plus paramagnetic rock, can bring to their surroundings. She was hooked and has made hundreds of small versions around the world, plus she wrote a book on the subject – ’Stone Age Farming’ in 2001, with an updated edition in 2013.

After a hearty lunch (vegan, gluten free meal), practise dowsing various types of Power Towers. Participate in a ceremony at a Power Tower in a forest field. Make a small, portable take-home version for yourself. Make a permanent Power Tower in another field and monitor it’s energy field.

6pm Dinner, then view Alanna’s films on the subjects. Ends 8pm.

Sunday 10am

Round Tower Tour and Energy Dowsing Practise
Travel (by self driving and car pooling) to the beautiful lakelands of north County Cavan to see the Drumlane Tower at an old monastery. Get your own lunch in the town of Blacklion, then continue on to Northern Ireland to see the Crom Dubh standing stone (pictured) and, beyond Enniskillen, where we’ll visit Callahan’s favourite Irish Tower, a beautifully preserved one on Devenish Island in Lough Erne. Time for dowsing practise.

Ends approx. 4pm.
Workshop fee –
Day One € 130
Both days € 220
Booking in advance required.


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