Irish Mythos Experience

Training, tours, ritual and sacred pilgrimage to magical north west Irish sites with Alanna Moore and friends.

  • Immerse yourself in the wonders of the natural world and ways of living harmoniously with it.
  • Learn the ancient art of dowsing, to divine the invisible dimensions of nature.
  • Practise deeply connecting with Earth spirit and the faery dimensions.
  • Nourish your spirit and imagination with ancient paradigms and wisdom.
  • Pilgrimage to magical, natural places of sacred heritage in north west Ireland, where you can sing, chant, tone and meditate in resonance.
  • Participate in vibrant, life-affirming rituals at special places.

Unique experiential events held on weekends in May to October 2022, with one and two day events for small groups of 6 to 12 people. Tours are self-drive and car pooling is encouraged. (Events occur after minimum numbers have booked in.) Customised weekend events for groups and accommodation may also be available.

Workshop deposit of €50.

Events held May to October 2022:

Weekend with Alanna Moore in County Leitrim.
7 – 8 May, 9 – 10 July, 13 – 14 August, 10 – 11 September.
(Day one for beginners, day two advanced and optional.)

A weekend with Alanna Moore and friends in County Sligo.
Held 14 – 15 May, 16-17 July, 20 – 21 August, 17 – 18 September.

A weekend for women held 2-3 September with Alanna Moore and shaman Simone ni Chinneidie in County Cavan and Leitrim.
Suited to beginners and experienced percipients.

Events Programme for 2022


Held in County Leitrim over two days, the 2nd day and accommodation being optional.

Held on weekends: 7 – 8 May, 9 – 10 July, 13 – 14 August, 10 – 11 September 2022.


Saturday 11am to 4.30pm. (Registration and refreshments from 10.30am.)
Suited to beginners.

– Discover pagan paradigms of the ancient Irish peasantry and the favourite gods and goddesses that sustained the land and culture for millennia.
– Open the doors of your perception to divine the Otherworld, with the practise of meditation and dowsing techniques.
– Connect directly with the intelligences of nature by Deva Dowsing, taught by a master dowser.
– Meet the resident spiritual beings of Fairyfield and see how their presence is incorporated into the design of a harmonious permaculture paradise.
– Participate in a ritual of connection within a stone fairy circle.

Lunch provided (vegan and gluten free meal) plus refreshments.

Day Two – advanced programme

Saturday 6.30pm – 9pm
Begins with dinner (vegan and gluten free meal) then view films made by Alanna Moore and a powerpoint presentation.

Sunday 10am – 1pm
Pilgrimage to Sheebeg and Sheemore, the nearby pre-eminent fairy hills of sacred County Leitrim. Be immersed in the ancient folklore and divine Otherworld presences there.

12.30pm Refreshments. Ends 1pm.

Fees (booking in advance required) –
Day One € 120
Both days € 220

Held 14 – 15 May, 16-17 July, 20 – 21 August, 17 – 18 September 2022.

Saturday 11am
Sacred mountains feature in much mythos in the north west of Ireland. We will visit and view iconic hills of Leitrim and Sligo and connect with their uplifting energies. Follow the story of the coming of the Tuatha de Dannan, an Iron Age tribe of the goddess Dana, visit the battlefield of the gods on the plateau of Moyturra and the Formoyle below it, site of a herbal hospital where warriors sought cures.

Have lunch at the iconic Bru Moyturra, a mighty round house of hospitality, seeped in the traditions of the Iron Age. Then marvel at nearby Heapstown, an enormous stone mound near beautiful Lough Arrow, with its intriguing legend of a healing spring buried beneath it. Learn and practise water divining and participate in a ritual of resonance at a massive dolmen nearby.

Stay overnight at Bri Moyturra, feast on a vegan, gluten free dinner and enjoy your host’s chiefly generosity of spirit. View a film about Irish Otherworldliness made by Alanna Moore.

Sunday 9.30am
Visit the megalithic monuments of Carrowmore in west County Sligo, then pilgrimage to the summit (a fairly steep climb) and the mighty stone mound on top of iconic Knocknarea, pre-eminent sacred mountain of the region. Attune to powerful presences there and view endless splendid scenery, weather permitting! Participate in a ritual of Earth connection and harmony.

Lunch at Bru Moyturra 1 – 2pm

Ends 2pm.
Self drive and car pool. Booking in advance required.
Fees –
Day One € 130 plus accommodation
Both days € 220 plus accommodation

Women-only weekend suited to beginners and experienced percipients alike.

2 – 3 September 2022.

Friday 7pm
Begins with a vegan, gluten free meal.

8pm – 9pm Session with Alanna Moore:
Discover the world of water spirits and our sacred connection with the Otherworld.
Learn and practise the ancient art of Energy Dowsing. Watch a film on water made by Alanna.

Saturday 9am
Learn how to Deva Dowse, for detecting the spirits of place. Divine subtle energies of the River Shannon.

After refreshments, travel to the Shannon Pot in County Cavan (self drive and car pool), the Shannon’s traditional sacred origin point, rich with legend. Participate there in a ritual of blessed connection led by renowned local Irish shaman Simone. Then practise Deva Dowsing, divining for Otherworld water beings.

Lunch 1 – 2pm.

2-3pm Visit a sacred stone beside a lake near Blacklion and dowse its powerful energies.

Ends 3pm
Booking in advance required.
Workshop fee – € 130
(not including accommodation)


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